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How does The CMA support companies offering products and services?

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How does The CMA support companies offering products and services?

The CMA is an indispensable strategic partner for any company operating in the natural health sector.  You can register your company with The CMA as a CMA Approved Supplier.  

This gives you the valuable industry recognition you need – and puts your company right in front of your ideal customer – week by week. CMA Approved Supplier Membership is way more powerful than mere advertising campaigns – which are costly – and provide a variable Return On Investment (ROI).

How do companies qualify to become CMA Approved Suppliers?

First of all, your products and services must be outstanding in every way. It goes without saying that your products must be safe and effective, and that your company ethos is above reproach. However, there’s more to it than these important points – it is vital that your company has a commitment to the complementary medical and natural healthcare profession and that you are working to support the field and helping professionals and the public to access the very best products and services.

If this sounds like your company – we want to talk to you!

Get engagement from practitioners – by educating them

Instead of throwing your precious marketing budget down a big black hole, we offer you the opportunity to educate our Members about your products and services, so that they genuinely understand the value and relevance of your products. This gives you an immensely better ROI – and we would advocate that you spend time looking at how to work more closely with CMA registered Practitioners, Students and Schools – and we are here to help you do just this.

Remember, if you can get ‘buy-in’ and deep engagement from practitioners by educating them – rather than bombarding them with expensive adverts that really don’t work – they in turn will spread the word to their clients, thus becoming your best advocates. We can support your rapid viral growth in this sector at a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising and the social media grind (which is becoming more and more challenging to gain a sensible ROI).

Positioning your company as the “Hero Brand”!

Additionally, by becoming a CMA Approved Supplier, your company gains access to a network of like-minded businesses and potential clients, fostering growth and collaboration – and firmly positioning your company as the “Hero Brand” among your exact target market: complementary medical professionals and natural therapists!

It makes sense – we give you a laser-targeted growth strategy with access to your precise target market!

Becoming a CMA Approved Supplier genuinely is the best growth strategy for your company – if you want to gain access to qualified natural healthcare professionals who genuinely are trusted leaders in their field – and hold huge influence among their clients.  

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