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Become A Fellow Of The Complementary Medical Association

Fellowship is the highest level of Membership of The Complementary Medical Association and comes with various benefits and responsibilities.

Complementary Medical Association Charter for Registration With The CMA as a Fellow (FCMA)

The Complementary Medical Association is committed to ensuring that people in countries all around the world benefit from ‘excellence’ in complementary medicine. We do this by supporting fully qualified, professional practitioners in the field of Complementary Medicine and Natural Healthcare to do what they are best at – helping people take control of their health and allowing them access to the best that medicine has to offer.

We have Members in many countries around the world and in order to help these professional healthcare practitioners develop a more effective presence and to develop as practitioners, we have set up a new category of Membership – Fellow of The Complementary Medical Association.

This is intended to help identify and promote those practitioners who are absolutely excellent in the field of Complementary Medicine and Natural Healthcare – and to promote the whole profession.

Fellowship of The Complementary Medical Association is designed for established practitioners who share our commitment to working in a way that allows the widespread encouragement of the positive health effects of proven, safe Complementary Medical and Natural Healthcare therapies, who respect the potential that individuals have to take advantage of these therapies and lead healthier, happier lives – and who are aware of the ethical considerations for the implications of our actions are invited to apply – where appropriate – for Fellowship of The Complementary Medical Association. 

Only individuals who, in the eyes of their peers – and in the judgement of The Complementary Medical Association’s Fellowship Committee – have shown a track record of commitment and excellence in the field of Complementary Medicine and Natural Healthcare will be considered.

The Complementary Medical Association helps defend the profession against campaigns that attack any field in the profession that has been accepted as having evidence for its efficacy and safety in helping individuals address their health issues.* Fellows, if not already involved in this area, will be encouraged to contribute to this work, where viable and time-permitting.

The Complementary Medical Association supports campaigns that show the effectiveness of individual therapies and is involved in consulting on the future of the profession with various government and Parliamentary agencies, and takes part in national debates on medical and public health issues. Fellows, if not already involved in this area, will be encouraged to contribute to this work, where viable and time-permitting.

The Complementary Medical Association reports, continuously, on evidence-based research on all of the therapies it recognises. Fellows, if not already involved in this area, will be encouraged to contribute to this work, by providing research papers for publication, articles for the website and monthly e-Newsletter. This is, of course, optional, and while we encourage your involvement, it is by no means compulsory.

The Complementary Medical Association is, without doubt, the world’s leading multi-disciplinary Membership Association in the Complementary Medical and Natural Healthcare field. The CMA strives to help leading practitioners inspire and inform their patients, to encourage those who take an innovative approach to wellbeing, who set out to prove the efficacy of their therapies and who lead the way in being open-minded and creative in their approach to robust good health. Becoming a Fellow of The Complementary Medical Association will enable you to play an active role in shaping the future of the profession.

The Complementary Medical Association will provide Fellows with a forum to contribute to these ongoing issues and discuss and help shape the future of the profession, by means of its twice yearly online Fellows’ Forums.

These group meetings will provide the platform for an up-to-the-minute Formal Review of the state of the profession and allow Fellows to discuss their views openly and frankly with their peers.

Joining The CMA as a Fellow is extremely cost effective with an annual membership.

Fellow of The CMA – Annual Payment of £445

Fellow Of The CMA – 12 x Monthly Payments of £39.50 

During lockdown, I found the CMA drop in sessions useful and supportive. When everyone else seemed to go underground, the CMA kept in touch with its members for free.
Tracy Ferriss
Essence of Healing
The steadfastness and professional standing of the CMA has been a wonderful support to the work I do as a professional in my field. The offering of various courses allowing further education and understanding is invaluable. So too, the recognition through the logo of CMA worldwide provides the opportunity to be of value to humanity, and for that I am most grateful.
Elizabeth Wey, Ph.D - Founder
As a Fellow of the Complementary Medical Organisation, I am continually impressed with their quality of service and customer care. I have never encountered such a high level of passion and dedication to nurturing, guiding and educating their members. The CMA is a world class organisation which expertly represents evidence based research and clinical practice of the highest standard in the field of natural and complementary medicine. The CMA Advanced Certified Professional courses are superb. I am looking forward to embarking on the Integrative Oncology course shortly. I am very proud to be a member of such a visionary organisation. Highly recommended! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐
Bianca Madison Vuleta
Fantastic organisation! The very best of the best! They really look after their members and provide so much support to complementary medical and natural health therapists. They went above and beyond to support us therapists throughout lockdown - and got us back to work thank you to The CMA!
Jill Lucas – Massage Practitioner
"As a psychotherapist in Toronto, I enjoy providing others with relational safety and connection. Infinitely grateful for the CMA for it has played this role for me with its valuable newsletter and supportive resources and community."
Naomi De Gasperis
There are so many organisations representing complementary health therapies and therapists, but how many have the integrity of the CMA ? Remember lockdown ? CMA spoke out in favour of therapists being able to work and in fact changed the law to protect those within the industry and just as importantly those who depend on regular sessions that help keep them well on so many levels. A great organisation driven by the desire to keep the industry professional, conscientious and effective by keeping standards high. When you see their logo attached to a website or course, you are looking at one of the best-established flagships representing natural health therapies in the UK.
Stuart Morris
We have received invaluable support as a small organic brand from CMA. Our brand promotes healthy living through our organic plant based product and being part of this renowned world class organisation has been vital for our growth. We look forward to networking, collaborating and continuing to grow with the support of the CMA and our membership. We would highly recommend professionals and brands aligned to complementary medicine and healthy living to join the CMA.
CMA Approved Supplier
Made for Life Organics
I just wanted to say a big thank you to the amazing team at the CMA. These business development assets are absolutely brilliant and will really enhance the package that we offer our students. Many thanks again and warm wishes to all
Amanda Winwood
As a Fellow of the CMA I have found a greater acceptance of comments and opinion when referring people to medical professionals.
Tony Hardiman CDA SBRCP (Oriental Medicine) Master of Chi-Do. Voted Best Complementary Medicine Practitioner 2015 by the ICNM. Fellow of the CMA.
McQueen Health Clinic
As a new member, I have to say I love the CMA, as everyone is so helpful and supportive. Welcome pack was the best I have received, and the information available is invaluable. So glad I joined, worth every penny!
Allison McQueen--Luzar
Although I am now retired from practice, I have had a great interest in undertaking all of your advanced courses. This also keeps my neural connections active and contributes to positive health.
Carol Haughie
I am impressed and inspired by the quality and integrity of the CMA. I so appreciate the unwavering commitment of the CMA and its impeccable staff to evidence-based information on complementary health practices. It continues to be an oasis and support for my own personal and professional approach to a healthier and better life. Thank you to the CMA and its president, Ms Jayney Goddard
Frank Sabatino DC PhD
  • Membership of a diverse and influential community of Complementary Medical practitioners.
  • The right to use the post-nominal letters FCMA.
  • A Fellow of The Complementary Medical Association will be ‘featured’ on The Complementary Medical Association’s website every day – as a top, professionally qualified practitioner; as one of the leaders of  the profession.
  • Potential patients / clients can contact these Fellows directly through the ‘Find Me a Qualified Practitioner’ search facility on The CMA website.
  • A superb large format A3 Certificate of Fellowship.
  • The right to second other candidates to become Fellows of The Complementary Medical Association.
  • The right to attend the Fellows’ online Forum twice a year. These forums provide a top level opportunity for learning and discussion. These forums will provide you with the chance to share new ideas and make new contacts in this profession.
  • Discounts on Complementary Medical Association Conferences and other events (rates vary).
  • Discounts on Complementary Medical Association Training Workshops and Ongoing Programmes (rates vary).
  • Plus all the standard Membership benefits that accrue to Full Members of The Complementary Medical Association (MCMA).

The CMA Stands Alone.

There is no other organisation in the complementary medical field, anywhere in the world that offers its members this vast array of tangible, high value benefits.

Becoming a fellow of The CMA is a simple process...

How can I become a Fellow?

To be elected a Fellow you need to have distinguished yourself in the practice of Complementary Medicine or Natural Healthcare. Fellows are expected to have at least three years experience as a practitioner or running a training school and making significant contributions to the profession.

Occasionally, individuals who are not practitioners or teachers – but who have made an outstanding and measurable contribution to the complementary medical and natural healthcare profession will be considered for Fellowship, e.g., developers or suppliers of particularly outstanding products or services within the Complementary Medical and Natural Healthcare field.

You can be nominated by an existing Member or Fellow of The Complementary Medical Association and, if making a self-proposed application, be seconded by an existing Member, or Fellow of The Complementary Medical Association. If you do not know someone who can second you – please let us know, and we will arrange for you to be interviewed by a CMA Fellowship Selection Committee Member.

You can also be nominated by an existing member of other recognised Complementary Medical and Natural Healthcare associations, in the UK, or from anywhere around the world.

Although there is no formal examination involved, in order to be recognised as a Fellow of The Complementary Medical Association, The Complementary Medical Association’s Fellowship Committee will need to inspect your qualifications and may need to contact you to confirm your appropriateness for a Fellowship.

To nominate an individual, or apply for a Fellowship yourself, please complete and return The Complementary Medical Association’s Fellowship proposal. 

Will being a Fellow of The CMA help me obtain a Visa to work in the UK?

The CMA does not provide any support in regards to Visa applications or immigration issues. We only encourage people to apply for CMA Fellowship who subscribe to our aims as set out in this Fellowship Charter.

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