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Weightless: Compassionate Weight Loss for Life by Dr Frank Sabatino

Weightless Book
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CMA Book Review

We are delighted to announce the publication of what Dr T Colin Campbell calls “the most important book on obesity that has ever been written”.

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There is a global pandemic of excess weight and body fat that fosters disability and death and significantly increases the consequences of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, and cancer. This debilitating increase in weight and body fat is promoted by the dangerous agendas of misinformed individuals, greedy food conglomerates, and governments that sanction carbohydrate restricted diets, and addictive ultra- processed and animal-derived foods. Free yourself from the failures of short-sighted, quick-fix, fad diets, risky expensive drugs, and mutilating surgeries that compromise your health future.

Dr Sabatino has combined his extensive personal and clinical experience with broad scientific research to create the most practical, effective solution for weight gain and obesity and has done something that has never been done before. His compassionate, plant-powered program offers a unique vision that emphasizes and integrates the complete constellation of plant food, lifestyle and psycho-emotional factors necessary to assure optimal, sustainable weight and body fat, while exposing and dispelling the unconscionable lie that animal-derived foods are necessary for weight loss. No animals or environments need ever be killed or harmed to achieve your weight loss goals.

Weightless is a manual of hope and love that can help you achieve healthy, sustainable weight and body fat now and forever. Take advantage of this plant-powered lifestyle breakthrough to end food addiction and dieting forever. Take this opportunity to learn and implement the following information and strategies:

  • The importance of whole, plant food without added salt, oil, and sugar
  • Recipes, meal plans, eating out strategies, and jump start programs
  • How your weight loss food choices affect animal abuse, climate change, and the environment
  • The impact of stress on weight gain with breathing and relaxation techniques for stress management
  • The effect of sleep on weight and body fat and strategies to resolve insomnia and sleep deficiency
  • The physical activity program to increase muscle mass, decrease food craving, and boost metabolism
  • Maximize hormone health for sustainable weight and fat loss
  • The benefits of fasting and detoxification
  • How environmental toxins in food, household, and beauty products promote weight gain and obesity
  • Lifestyle factors, supplements, and psycho-emotional factors for food addiction recovery
  • The dangerous short-comings of low carbohydrate, high protein and high fat diets and weight loss drugs
  • Build and nurture compassion, love, and self-esteem for sustainable, long-term success

“Weightless is a very special book authored by Dr. Frank Sabatino. He offers an unexcelled combination of patient-centered clinical experience, science-based proficiency, and personal experience with obesity to tell this story. His book is encyclopedic, practical, and exceedingly well written. I am hopeful and confident that this is the most important book on obesity that has ever been written. It’s an honor for me to endorse this book.”
Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry, Cornell University, author of The China Study, Whole and The Future of Nutrition

If you have ever had any difficulty losing weight or keeping it off, embrace the unique opportunity presented in this book. Dr. Frank Sabatino is the Science and Research Director of The Complementary Medical Association, He is a pioneer in plant-exclusive healthcare who for almost 50 years has founded and directed renowned health centres, and has helped thousands achieve optimal, sustainable weight with whole-plant nutrition and lifestyle modification. Dr. Sabatino is an international expert in water-only fasting and is board certified in addiction care. He is a revered medical advisor, health education director, and research consultant and hosts The Health Science Podcast for the National Health Association (USA and world-wide).

Find out more about Dr Frank Sabatino’s work at

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