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We have many top Natural Healthcare Training Schools as Members, and we appreciate their support.

CMA Accredited and Registered Training Schools Membership Benefits

We have many outstanding Natural Healthcare Training Schools as Members, and we appreciate their support.
CMA Registered Training Schools are those who teach students to become professionally qualified, top Complementary Medical and Natural Healthcare practitioners.

There is a one-off course assessment fee of £120 per course, which is fully refundable should your course not be accepted. However, in our experience, the vast majority of Schools that apply to The CMA offer outstandingly high quality training – so it is rare for courses to be turned down.  In the extremely unlikely event that your course needs a little more work before it can be Registered, we will work closely with you to achieve CMA Registration standards. Once we have accepted your course, you are entitled to state that your course is Accredited by and Registered with The Complementary Medical Association.

If your Training School can verify that it has an outstanding curriculum and examination procedures – AND that you are actively looking to build your business in the Complementary Medicine and Natural Healthcare fields – and can demonstrate you have a total commitment to ethics and excellence, we encourage you to apply for Accreditation, and Register your School today!

We need your support to help us to continue and build upon this spread of the positive, health-giving messages about Complementary Medicine and Natural Healthcare today. So, do, please JOIN The Complementary Medical Association and show YOUR SUPPORT in helping to develop a much more positive approach to Healthcare today.

The Complementary Medical Association is at the forefront in defending your profession and in standing up for your interests as a qualified Complementary Medical and Natural Healthcare Training School in the UK – and increasingly – all around the world – today.

We put out positive PR messages about the undoubted success and effectiveness of a range of therapies on a regular and continuous basis. In the current climate where ‘testimonials’ are under threat, The CMA will continue to recommend key approaches to remove this threat and negotiate with the relevant bodies involved, so that you can get on with doing what you do best, and continue to be able to attract new committed, dedicated students.

In recent years we have been at the forefront in helping to ward off the well-funded attacks on various branches of Complementary Medicine and to take a leading role against the almost fanatical ‘Spin Campaigns’ coming from certain so-called ‘scientists’.

CMA President, Jayney Goddard, representing The CMA, has testified before the USA’s White House Commission on Complementary and Integrative Medicine to help the USA to standardise complementary and integrative medicine across all 50 States – her recommendations were accepted unanimously by the Committee.

We have consulted with governments on their national health programmes, e.g., Bulgaria and Hungary, and we are in touch with the development of all forms of Complementary Medicine across the globe, from Switzerland to Iran and Iraq, from Australia and New Zealand to Italy and India, from the USA and Canada to Ireland and Sweden, from Germany and the Netherlands to China and Egypt – and right around the world.  

Join The Complementary Medical Association Today and Take Full Advantage of All the Unique Membership Benefits to Help You Grow and Expand Your Successful, Professional Complementary Medical and / or Natural Healthcare Training School.

CMA Accredited and Registered Training Schools Membership Fees

CMA Training School Membership is payable in two ways; yearly or monthly – to assist you with your budgets.

Yearly Membership fees are just £240

Monthly Membership fees are only £23.50

It doesn't stop there, see our whole list of perks to becoming a member of The CMA...

Look at these superb new benefits for all CMA Accredited and Registered Training Schools

The CMA is dedicated to support YOUR School – as a centre of excellence for teaching Complementary Medical and Natural Healthcare therapies – in this whole process.

This website has been developed to help to help consumers who want to understand more about what they can do to maintain and improve their own health – the Natural Way – and to keep them up-to-date with what’s happening in Complementary Medicine and Natural Healthcare around the world.

A key goal for this new CMA website is to attract this audience – worldwide. We ensure Practitioners, Students, and Training Schools have a place where they can keep up-to-date with the latest research that is relevant to them professionally and to also provide them with a place to voice their opinions with other practitioners.

We feature six of our Top Training Schools every day on The CMA Home Page – in rotation – so that your School is highly visible on the site.

Your School will also have its own web page within The CMA site, that you can use to explain the strengths of your courses and exactly what you offer. There is plenty of space on this page for you to thoroughly EDUCATE potential students about the courses you offer. And, of course, all your contact details will be shown – with direct links to your website – and a very clever “Contact Us” pop up window that makes it extremely easy for any potential student to get in touch with you quickly.

As a Registered CMA Training School, your details will be highlighted when a potential Student actively searches for a CMA Training School anywhere in the world. This very clever state-of-the-art search facility allows for a variety of searches: By discipline, radius, Post Code / Zip Code, and country. The CMA has invested heavily in creating this unique search facility to dramatically increase your visibility to potential Students that are ideal for you.

As a Registered CMA Training School, you will be featured on The CMA Home Page as a Top CMA Training School throughout the year on an ongoing basis.

And, if, as a CMA Training School, you have any ‘News’ stories that are relevant to a wider audience of highly health-focused Consumers, Students, or Practitioners, e.g., research you have conducted, we will feature it – as a News Item on the site. (We add around 4 to 16 new ‘News’ stories to the site every day).

The CMA website builds on our reputation for bringing the latest scientific research on every aspect of Complementary and, where relevant, Conventional Medicine from around the world to all interested parties, through our monthly e-Newsletter services.  

Our weekly e-Newsletter for practitioners goes to around 400 health journalists and reporters worldwide, including TV / Radio presenters and production companies – as well as around 25,500 practitioners across the globe.

This publication always includes news coverage of the latest research from around the world on effective, proven therapies – and all this ‘latest news’ is backed by up-to-the-minute research data from the world’s leading universities.

You are invited to contribute relevant news articles to this outstanding online publication.

Take advantage of The CMA's commitment to social media and participate in all we have to offer on YouTube, FaceBook, and LinkedIn.

We allow you to share information about your courses and events on these platforms (with links to your website etc.) – and you might also be interested in participating in interviews and other online promotional and educational activities run by The CMA.

The CMA Stands Alone.

There is no other organisation in the complementary medical field, anywhere in the world that offers its members this vast array of tangible, high value benefits.

Members of The Complementary Medical Association have always benefited from the prestige of belonging to The Complementary Medical Association. CMA Members are recognised by other professional practitioners, as well as by doctors – and increasingly by the general public – as the elite force in professional, ethical Complementary Medicine.

As a CMA Training School Member, we would welcome YOUR support in helping us to represent You and Your Schools’ successes to a wider audience. As well as fighting off attacks on our profession – from whatever source – we also seek to actively and publicly promote the positive, successful face of Complementary Medicine and Natural Healthcare – as practiced by some of the top professional practitioners in the world.

So, while you might not see it as Your No.1 benefit – and reason for joining The CMA – we see the top benefit of joining The CMA as being able to join together with other totally committed professional Complementary Medical and Natural Healthcare practitioners in one focused, powerful body.

Benefit from The Prestige of Belonging to The Complementary Medical Association

The Complementary Medical Association is not only the world’s leading multi-disciplinary Membership organisation for top, fully qualified practitioners, it is also the home for top Training Schools in this field.

At The CMA, we are dedicated to representing, promoting, and supporting Training Schools who are serious about their ‘business’ and who excel at training practitioners to treat clients to ensure they help them achieve their optimal health.

We know that our Accredited and Registered Training School Members are deeply concerned about public attacks on the practitioners and therapies that they are teaching.

Typically, Training Schools apply to become Accredited by and Registered with The CMA as they know how important it is to align with an organisation that is actively spreading the word about how the therapies they teach and the practitioners they train benefit everyone’s health and well-being in a positive fashion.

We have lots of CMA Registered Training Schools that we have Accredited, who are totally committed to producing better qualified practitioners each and every year. They are dedicated to their Student’s success and that’s why they belong to The Complementary Medical Association.

Remember – The Complementary Medical Association is a not-for-profit organisation – working for you.

Join The CMA

You can have all the benefits of CMA Membership for just £23.50 per month.

There are so many organisations representing complementary health therapies and therapists, but how many have the integrity of the CMA ? Remember lockdown ? CMA spoke out in favour of therapists being able to work and in fact changed the law to protect those within the industry and just as importantly those who depend on regular sessions that help keep them well on so many levels. A great organisation driven by the desire to keep the industry professional, conscientious and effective by keeping standards high. When you see their logo attached to a website or course, you are looking at one of the best-established flagships representing natural health therapies in the UK.
Stuart Morris
Essence of Healing
The steadfastness and professional standing of the CMA has been a wonderful support to the work I do as a professional in my field. The offering of various courses allowing further education and understanding is invaluable. So too, the recognition through the logo of CMA worldwide provides the opportunity to be of value to humanity, and for that I am most grateful.
Elizabeth Wey, Ph.D - Founder
McQueen Health Clinic
As a new member, I have to say I love the CMA, as everyone is so helpful and supportive. Welcome pack was the best I have received, and the information available is invaluable. So glad I joined, worth every penny!
Allison McQueen--Luzar
As a Fellow of the CMA I have found a greater acceptance of comments and opinion when referring people to medical professionals.
Tony Hardiman CDA SBRCP (Oriental Medicine) Master of Chi-Do. Voted Best Complementary Medicine Practitioner 2015 by the ICNM. Fellow of the CMA.
Made for Life Organics
I just wanted to say a big thank you to the amazing team at the CMA. These business development assets are absolutely brilliant and will really enhance the package that we offer our students. Many thanks again and warm wishes to all
Amanda Winwood
I am impressed and inspired by the quality and integrity of the CMA. I so appreciate the unwavering commitment of the CMA and its impeccable staff to evidence-based information on complementary health practices. It continues to be an oasis and support for my own personal and professional approach to a healthier and better life. Thank you to the CMA and its president, Ms Jayney Goddard
Frank Sabatino DC PhD
During lockdown, I found the CMA drop in sessions useful and supportive. When everyone else seemed to go underground, the CMA kept in touch with its members for free.
Tracy Ferriss
Although I am now retired from practice, I have had a great interest in undertaking all of your advanced courses. This also keeps my neural connections active and contributes to positive health.
Carol Haughie
"As a psychotherapist in Toronto, I enjoy providing others with relational safety and connection. Infinitely grateful for the CMA for it has played this role for me with its valuable newsletter and supportive resources and community."
Naomi De Gasperis
As a Fellow of the Complementary Medical Organisation, I am continually impressed with their quality of service and customer care. I have never encountered such a high level of passion and dedication to nurturing, guiding and educating their members. The CMA is a world class organisation which expertly represents evidence based research and clinical practice of the highest standard in the field of natural and complementary medicine. The CMA Advanced Certified Professional courses are superb. I am looking forward to embarking on the Integrative Oncology course shortly. I am very proud to be a member of such a visionary organisation. Highly recommended! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐
Bianca Madison Vuleta
We have received invaluable support as a small organic brand from CMA. Our brand promotes healthy living through our organic plant based product and being part of this renowned world class organisation has been vital for our growth. We look forward to networking, collaborating and continuing to grow with the support of the CMA and our membership. We would highly recommend professionals and brands aligned to complementary medicine and healthy living to join the CMA.
CMA Approved Supplier
Fantastic organisation! The very best of the best! They really look after their members and provide so much support to complementary medical and natural health therapists. They went above and beyond to support us therapists throughout lockdown - and got us back to work thank you to The CMA!
Jill Lucas – Massage Practitioner
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