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Whether you are a fully qualified professional complementary medical practitioner, student, training course provider, or you work within the profession in a company offering the very highest standards of products and services, you really should join The CMA today! 

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Our Members are committed professionals – just like you, from all walks of life, all backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs, physical abilities, nationalities, and more.  

We welcome everyone with open arms – and the uniting factor that joins us together is that we all share an absolute commitment to excellence and professionalism. CMA Members care deeply about their patients, clients, and students, and they are dedicated to offering only the very best treatments and services possible.  

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Demonstrate your commitment to excellence - and get the professional respect and recognition you deserve.

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Here at The CMA we like to think of this wonderful organisation as a ‘family’ as – over the years – that is what it has become. In fact, we have many Members who have been with us since our beginning – back in 1993!  So, when we welcome a new Member in any category into The CMA, we are hoping that you’ll be with us for many years – and for that to happen, we realise that we have to offer you the very best service imaginable. We are dedicated to representing complementary medicine and natural healthcare world-wide, at the very highest levels of government – ensuring that our collective voices are heard when it comes to policy-making and decisions that impact the health of our nations – and our rights to practice or teach.  

You’ll find that we are always the first port of call for newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and online broadcasters when they need a sensible, balanced, and evidence-based response to the latest health matter. We welcome your contributions too – we see ourselves as a platform to help you get your message out to the masses. So, please do get involved in all our promotional opportunities – of which we have many!  

We’d love to see you getting active on our Facebook page and Members group, being interviewed on our YouTube Channel, providing articles for our superb weekly e-Newsletter, and of course for this website.  

Note; we also have a vibrant practice growth Facebook group, and we thoroughly encourage to you get involved in this too – obviously, it is designed for practitioners – but all the information we share is equally applicable to everyone working in the field – so if you are running a school or other organisation, join in anyway! 

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Jayney Goddard

President, The Complementary Medical Association

One final word...

Why The CMA has been so outstandingly successful over all these years

First of all, The CMA is renowned for having the very highest Membership standards of all multi-disciplinary organisations. We demand higher qualifications than many other groups, and your fees go directly towards supporting complementary medicine – promoting and protecting the profession AND ensuring that the public (and doctors and other medical staff) have access to the very best practitioners and training schools. 

My colleagues and I are ALL involved in complementary medicine in one way or another. Most of us are experienced practitioners (some have a nursing or medical background too), so when you speak to any of us, you’ll know that we are speaking the same language as you – we fully understand what it means to be in practice – or to run a training school. We are real people, and you can actually talk to us on the telephone! Pretty rare these days!

We are very proud to have each and every one of our Members on board with us. We do not take your Membership and support for granted and we appreciate that we have a duty to serve you to the very best of our abilities.  We are honoured to have you join us and we look forward to supporting you over the coming years as your complementary medical career blossoms.

Warmest wishes from the entire CMA Team and me!

a word from our members...
We have received invaluable support as a small organic brand from CMA. Our brand promotes healthy living through our organic plant based product and being part of this renowned world class organisation has been vital for our growth. We look forward to networking, collaborating and continuing to grow with the support of the CMA and our membership. We would highly recommend professionals and brands aligned to complementary medicine and healthy living to join the CMA.
CMA Approved Supplier
As a Fellow of the Complementary Medical Organisation, I am continually impressed with their quality of service and customer care. I have never encountered such a high level of passion and dedication to nurturing, guiding and educating their members. The CMA is a world class organisation which expertly represents evidence based research and clinical practice of the highest standard in the field of natural and complementary medicine. The CMA Advanced Certified Professional courses are superb. I am looking forward to embarking on the Integrative Oncology course shortly. I am very proud to be a member of such a visionary organisation. Highly recommended! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐
Bianca Madison Vuleta
Made for Life Organics
I just wanted to say a big thank you to the amazing team at the CMA. These business development assets are absolutely brilliant and will really enhance the package that we offer our students. Many thanks again and warm wishes to all
Amanda Winwood
There are so many organisations representing complementary health therapies and therapists, but how many have the integrity of the CMA ? Remember lockdown ? CMA spoke out in favour of therapists being able to work and in fact changed the law to protect those within the industry and just as importantly those who depend on regular sessions that help keep them well on so many levels. A great organisation driven by the desire to keep the industry professional, conscientious and effective by keeping standards high. When you see their logo attached to a website or course, you are looking at one of the best-established flagships representing natural health therapies in the UK.
Stuart Morris
Essence of Healing
The steadfastness and professional standing of the CMA has been a wonderful support to the work I do as a professional in my field. The offering of various courses allowing further education and understanding is invaluable. So too, the recognition through the logo of CMA worldwide provides the opportunity to be of value to humanity, and for that I am most grateful.
Elizabeth Wey, Ph.D - Founder
Although I am now retired from practice, I have had a great interest in undertaking all of your advanced courses. This also keeps my neural connections active and contributes to positive health.
Carol Haughie
McQueen Health Clinic
As a new member, I have to say I love the CMA, as everyone is so helpful and supportive. Welcome pack was the best I have received, and the information available is invaluable. So glad I joined, worth every penny!
Allison McQueen--Luzar
"As a psychotherapist in Toronto, I enjoy providing others with relational safety and connection. Infinitely grateful for the CMA for it has played this role for me with its valuable newsletter and supportive resources and community."
Naomi De Gasperis
During lockdown, I found the CMA drop in sessions useful and supportive. When everyone else seemed to go underground, the CMA kept in touch with its members for free.
Tracy Ferriss
As a Fellow of the CMA I have found a greater acceptance of comments and opinion when referring people to medical professionals.
Tony Hardiman CDA SBRCP (Oriental Medicine) Master of Chi-Do. Voted Best Complementary Medicine Practitioner 2015 by the ICNM. Fellow of the CMA.
I am impressed and inspired by the quality and integrity of the CMA. I so appreciate the unwavering commitment of the CMA and its impeccable staff to evidence-based information on complementary health practices. It continues to be an oasis and support for my own personal and professional approach to a healthier and better life. Thank you to the CMA and its president, Ms Jayney Goddard
Frank Sabatino DC PhD
Fantastic organisation! The very best of the best! They really look after their members and provide so much support to complementary medical and natural health therapists. They went above and beyond to support us therapists throughout lockdown - and got us back to work thank you to The CMA!
Jill Lucas – Massage Practitioner
There are six CMA Membership Categories - just click any of the highlighted links below to discover more

You Can Join The CMA As...

You will be entitled to use the post-nominal letters MCMA after your name to signify your Full Membership of The Complementary Medical Association.

There are huge benefits to Full CMA Membership – not least of which is the opportunity to participate in our CMA online Practice and Business Development MasterClasses. If you’ve been finding that your practice is slow to develop, you are not alone; Joining The CMA is the first step in the right direction!  

This Membership will dramatically boost your practice – and help you make a decent living doing the work you love – helping many more people to reach optimum levels of health and wellbeing. You’ll also be instrumental in supporting the only professional membership body in our field that actively campaigns for and promotes complementary medicine and natural healthcare across all media and at the very highest levels of government.  

This category of Membership is available to people who are currently studying to embark upon a career in Complementary Medicine and Natural Health Care.

We welcome Students of all disciplines and you should join The CMA to gain a multitude of benefits which will help you set up in practice after you graduate. You will find our online Practice and Business Development MasterClasses particularly invaluable and will give you a huge headstart into your new profession.  

You will be entitled to use the post-nominal letters SCMA to signify that you are a Student Member of The Complementary Medical Association.  

Please Note: If you already hold a qualification in Complementary Medicine and/or Natural Health Care, congratulations – you are eligible to apply for Full CMA (MCMA) Membership above.

This is a senior level of Membership and Fellows of The CMA are entitled to use the post-nominal letters FCMA.

Fellowship of The CMA is open to practitioners, teachers, product suppliers, developers, and anyone working at a senior level within Complementary Medicine who has a demonstrable commitment to the profession.  

If you would like to discuss your eligibility to become a Fellow of The Complementary Medical Association, please complete the application form, and you will be invited to an interview in person, by Skype or by telephone – dependent upon geography. 

The CMA Registers and Accredits courses from schools and colleges offering all aspects of complementary medicine / natural healthcare.

We appreciate that the profession is in a constant state of development and growth – so if you don’t see a category that your course immediately fits into, contact us at 0800 841 1066, and we will discuss your requirements and offer you guidance accordingly.

CMA Registered Training Schools are considered to be the elite in the profession. Demonstrate your commitment to excellence by Joining The CMA today – and registering your courses – so that potential students can find you more easily.  

You will be able to promote your courses through The CMA website – and you’ll have your own page on this site so that you can really educate potential students about what you offer.  

This valuable Membership is open to a select group of companies that provide outstanding and effective, safe, Natural Health Products and / or Services.

We carefully vet all companies who apply for CMA Approved Supplier Membership – and once accepted your Membership of The CMA speaks volumes about your professionalism to both practitioners and the public.  

We are deeply committed to promoting our CMA Approved Suppliers through our monthly e-Newsletter and through this website – this in turn gives you the perfect platform from which to talk about your products and services and to EDUCATE potential customers about their benefits.  

CMA Approved Supplier Membership is NOT advertising – it is a mutually beneficial relationship that we offer only to select companies who can demonstrate to us that they offer only the very best to the customer. 

This prestigious Membership category really helps you to demonstrate your dedication and commitment to outstanding levels of service.

The CMA offers Membership to just a few Clinics, Spas, and Retreats if we believe that you are offering true excellence. By joining us, you will be seen to be among the very best organisations – the elite  – who go ‘above and beyond’ to provide the very best services to your clients. You represent the best of the profession – and because of that we are happy to support you with our might and influence to help you demonstrate that you offer nothing but the best. 

Of course, as an organisation, The CMA values your Membership, and by joining us you are helping to support us as the leading body in the profession and your support helps us to promote and protect this valuable profession.

The CMA also operates as an umbrella body to support the activities of other associations and organisations within the Complementary Medical field. Coming under The CMA umbrella is hugely prestigious for your organisation, and we can work closely with you to help you grow your Membership too!

We have developed unique strategies and hand-built ‘back-end’ systems that are specifically designed for the needs of organisations working within this very specialised field – where ‘off the shelf’ applications just don’t do the job! So there’s no need to struggle with all the vast elements of the tech side of things – we’ve got everything incredibly streamlined – so let us take that burden off your shoulders – if that could help?

Let us also support you with our expertise gleaned from more than three decades within the natural health and complementary medical membership field. We realise that no two associations or orgnisations are alike – so please contact us for a confidential discussion, and we will do all we can to help you. 

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence - and get the professional respect and recognition you deserve.

The CMA is a Global Force

Complementary Medical Association Membership in all categories is available internationally – so wherever you live in the world, you can benefit of the advantages of CMA Membership in all categories.

If you’d like to talk to us please call us on 0800 841 1066.

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