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Can I use The CMA logo?

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Can I use The CMA logo?

The CMA logo is the property of The CMA – it also our globally registered Trademark. Use of The CMA logo is highly prestigious and singles you out as being dedicated to excellence in the field.

The CMA logo is recognised world-wide and is synonymous with the very best natural healthcare, education, treatments and businesses.

Only CMA Members in good standing are entitled to display this logo on their website and promotional brochures and business cards. 

The logo is not to be used on product packaging as this requires a different license – if you wish to speak to us about this please contact us – we are happy to discuss your ideas. Please read more about the Terms and Conditions of CMA Logo use here.

Further helpful notes regarding Training Schools’ use of The CMA logo: We have a special logo for Training Schools to use on certificates – this will be sent to you upon joining and registering your courses. The logo is ONLY to be used on certificates issued for the courses that we have assessed and officially accredited. Furthermore, the logo is only to be used by Schools that have directly registered with The CMA. The logo is NOT to be licensed or passed on to anyone or any company that has not registered with The CMA. Your application to join The CMA implies acceptance of these terms.

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