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Does The CMA register beauty therapists and training schools?

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Does The CMA register beauty therapists and training schools that teach beauty or cosmetic treatments?

We have a section of Membership called “Professions Allied to Complementary Medicine”. This Membership category is ideal for practitioners who provide holistic beauty treatments and schools that offer therapeutic beauty training. 

The reason we are keen to support people offering these kinds of services is that we recognise the important contribution that beauty and cosmetic treatments can make to the overall well-being of clients and the support these services provide to people – especially when they may be experiencing health challenges. We have seen at first hand the immense good that a treatment can do in so many settings, e.g., hospice care, care homes, in hospital settings, during and post-cancer treatment, and many more similar situations. So, we believe that holistic beauty therapies are a hugely important boost to well-being and self esteem for many people and we are keen to support this vital work.

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