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CMA Coronavirus / COVID-19 Real time update. This article covers issues such as returning to work safely, PPE, sanitation procedures, keeping yourself and your clients safe and much more. The article also describes the symptoms of those who have contracted Coronavirus 2019-nCoV and examines complementary medical and lifestyle medicine ways of treating it, given that there is an absence of any viable vaccine or medicine at the current time

The CMA team is taking a break from the 26th July to the 9th August.

Jayney Goddard, President of The
Complementary Medical Association welcomes

Susana Mendes

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Thank you for visiting my
page. I am Susana, I am a
qualified Foot Health
Practitioner in Lowestoft,
Suffolk. I am currently ...

Felicity Lucas

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I am a registered Sport
and Exercise Nutritionist
specialising in educating 
female and youth
athletes with coeliac ...

Anne Rosser

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Hello my name is Anne
Rosser and I am a
qualified Homoeopath,
Reflexologist and Reiki
Master/Teacher.My ...

Shaimaa Saleh

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Hello,I'm an Equine
Specialist based in Egypt.
I've studied online equine
courses at Guelph
University such as ...

Cathy Houghton

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Hello my name is Cathy, I
live in Devon,  and I am a
Health and Food Coach
that specialises in
Disordered Eating.  I help


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* AUTHOR As a teacher
of angels and alchemy, ...


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The CONTROL Academy
teaches and regulates
Practitioners work in the

Holistic Healing

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HHC is an 'In Person'
London or 'live Zoom
online' Registered
college running an
accredited / insurance ...


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We have been YOGA
SINCE 2006 and
specialise in training
people in the UK and ...

Mindfulspace ...

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The Mindfulspace
Wellbeing Company is
owned by Gail Donnan. 
They are based in Ripon,
North Yorkshire.  Gail is a

Hands Of Light

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Welcome to our
Academy!We are a
training establishment
dedicated to
transformation and ...

Dimitri Dimitriou

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Over 30 years’ experience
advancing medical
research. Imperial
College Medical School
(Royal Postgraduate ...

David Morel

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Certified as a Meditation
and Mindfulness Teacher,
Accredited Coach,
Positive Psychology /
Emotional Intelligence / ...

Penny (Panayiota) Adamopoulos

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My name is Penny
Adamopoulos and I am
Holistic Coach & Mentor,
Medical Astrologer,
Vibrational Medicine ...

Karen Serra

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Since 2012 I have been
working as a counsellor
for mainstream school
children and adolescents.
I have worked for over 23

Chris Boardman

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Glenys Underwood

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I am the Principal and
Lead Tutor of the Anahata
College of Reflexology in
Lincoln and also a Fellow
of both the Association of

Chemicals in the Kitchen
Chemicals in the Kitchen

The development of chemicals in the last hundred or so years
that would serve to help us be cleaner, live more efficiently ...

Detoxing Our Environments
Detoxing Our Environments

Naturally, we are all familiar with the idea of spring cleaning –
and usually, this applies to our environment and, for many of

Compound isolated from sea sponge fights cancer cells
Compound isolated from sea sponge fights cancer cells

Medical researchers have begun looking towards the ocean
with hopes of finding novel marine chemicals that could ...

The rejuvenating impact of nature on our health and well-being
The rejuvenating impact of nature on our health and well-being

Of course, we innately know that being in nature relaxes and refreshes us and we find nature deeply healing – however is there more to it? Could there in fact be a more profound rejuvenating effect of simply ‘being’ in nature? Something which revitalises us and could contribute profoundly, simply and realistically to halting, reversing, and even curing chronic diseases and conditions which we associate with being ‘just a natural part of the ageing process’?

Study reveals dietary factors associated with mental health

BIZARRE Medical Facts

Nearly half of all U.S. adults say they can’t
live without their smartphones, according to ...
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Q. "Do you believe that health retreats are worthwhile?"


Q. "I think it's worth buying organic produce"

: 81.5%
: 18.5%

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A new study has found that older adults with mild cognitive
impairment are not only likely to avoid progression, but also ...

One of the less obvious impacts of the pandemic is that
hundreds of thousands of families have decided to buy a ...

Veterans who have acupuncture before surgery report less
pain and need far fewer opioids to manage their discomfort, ...

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