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Whether you are a fully qualified, professional complementary medical practitioner, or someone who is really into your health and wellness – or anybody with an interest in helping promote the practice of top quality, effective Natural Healthcare and Complementary Medicine – do Join The CMA Today!

The Complementary Medical Association has a great deal to offer ethical companies and organisations who wish to work in partnership with us. The Complementary Medical Association is highly selective about the companies that we work with and will only offer CMA Approved Supplier Membership to those companies that we wholeheartedly believe to offer the very best products and services.

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Jayney Goddard, President of The
Complementary Medical Association welcomes

Michaela Ritter

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I am a Master Herbalist
with almost 30 years of
experience with herbs
and essential oils. In
2014 I began studying ...

Johanna Ellis

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Welcome to Angelrose
Holistic & Spiritual Clinic
and Training Centre. My
name is Johanna Ellis
SDSHom MCMA and I am

Jasveer Kaur (Jess) Chana

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Holistic healing is rapidly
gaining popularity as
people become familiar
with the idea that
maintaining health ...

Linda Verjus

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Mary Sweeney

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I work with a group of
people through music in
several daycare settings.
The people I work with,
have many different ...

Mahala Gehna

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Sound Therapy is an
energy medicine which
uses sound to improve
health and well being.
It is a “wholing” process,

Academy of
Beauty Training

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Academy of Beauty
Training has been
established 11 years and
designed to deliver to
deliver 20 outstanding ...

Hazel Cake

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Hazel cake offers Reiki
Training Courses to small
groups or 1:1 basis in the
East Sussex area.
Courses are also ...

Zen Tranquility
Holistic Beauty

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Fast track training in
holistic, massage  and
beauty therapies.Courses
accredited by the CMA &
ABT so are fully ...

Atlantis College
of Crystal, ...

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The College teaches
specialised Crystal &
Sound therapy to
Diploma Practitioner
Level in person - mainly

ACS Distance

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ACS Distance Education
was established in 1979
and today offers over 600
courses.We offer 20 hour
short courses through to

Institute of

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Training, Research and
Membership Organisation
in the field of biodynamic
medicine. Based in UK
and Ireland. We offer the

Joseph Baker

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I have had a long interest
in Holistic and
Complementary therapies
since the age of 17, for
over 30 years I have been

Jayney Goddard

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Jayney Goddard MSc.,
Lic.LCCH, Dip.ACH,
FRSPH is one of the
world's leading experts in
the field of natural health

Bianca Madison-Vuleta

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Bianca has studied a
variety of natural and
complementary medical
approaches with many of
the world's leading ...

Dimitri Dimitriou

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Over 30 years’ experience
advancing medical
research. Imperial
College Medical School
(Royal Postgraduate ...

Fiona Murphy

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I am An oncology
skincare and holistic
therapist, I specialise in
dermatological issues
associated with cancer ...

Leasa C Lawrence

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Lea is a clinical specialist
in aesthetics,
cosmetology & wellbeing
for non-surgical &
non-invasive solutions ...

Study Confirms Cannabis Flower Is an Effective Mid-Level Analgesic Medication for Pain
Study Confirms Cannabis Flower Is an Effective Mid-Level Analgesic Medication for Pain

Researchers at The University of New Mexico (UNM) found
strong evidence that cannabis can significantly alleviate pain,

Bone, Not Adrenaline, Drives Fight or Flight Response
Bone, Not Adrenaline, Drives Fight or Flight Response

Almost immediately after the brain recognizes danger, it
instructs the skeleton to flood the bloodstream with the ...

Lower Back Pain? Self-Administered Acupressure Could Help
Lower Back Pain? Self-Administered Acupressure Could Help

A recent study finds that acupressure, a traditional Chinese
medicine technique, can improve chronic pain symptoms in ...

The Pet Effect: FSU Researchers Find Furry Friends Ease Depression, Loneliness After Spousal Loss
The Pet Effect: FSU Researchers Find Furry Friends Ease Depression, Loneliness After Spousal Loss

Florida State University researchers have found the companionship of a pet after the loss of a spouse can help reduce feelings of depression and loneliness in older adults.

Study to Examine Impact of Therapy Animals on Children with Cancer

BIZARRE Medical Facts

When one sense is activated in a person
with synesthesia, another unrelated sense ...
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