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CMA Coronavirus / COVID-19 Real time update. This article covers issues such as returning to work safely, PPE, sanitation procedures, keeping yourself and your clients safe and much more. The article also describes the symptoms of those who have contracted Coronavirus 2019-nCoV and examines complementary medical and lifestyle medicine ways of treating it, given that there is an absence of any viable vaccine or medicine at the current time

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Jayney Goddard, President of The
Complementary Medical Association welcomes

Anna Bojaryn

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Anna Bojaryn - Intuitive
Energy Healer - has been
on her Spiritual Journey
for a decade already.
Qualified as a Spiritual ...

Yordanka Ivanova

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Biologia molecolare,
Naturopatia, Ricercatrice
indipendente nelle cause
delle malattie autoimmuni
della tiroide, detective ...

Maryann Blunden

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A  wise woman once said
to me that in order to be at
peace, you need first to
be at peace with yourself
and happy in your own ...

Caroline Taliadoros

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 My name is Caroline. I
am a wife, a mother,  a
holistic counsellor and a
clinical hypnotherapist.    
      Having been a ...

David Forgham-Bailey

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ReikiNLP Master
CoachEnergy HealingChi


Jeanette Whittingham

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Hello there! My name is
Jeanette. I live in the
North West and I am on
the wrong side of 40! I'm
a Mum, a Nana, a crusty

Ibn Sina College

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Ibn Sina Institute is an
establishment that is
created by Sh. Tabeeb
Atabek Shukurov (CEO)


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We are a UK based
training provider for a
variety of holistic
therapies and structural
release ...

The Healing &

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At the Healing &
Acupuncture College we
offer a unique fast track
course in acupuncture.
Our Online+ format ...

The School of
Fine Tuning ...

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Create your new career or
enhance your existing
practice at the School of
Fine Tuning where
anything is possible. ...

London Centre
of Indian ...

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The Course
Facelift Massage
 Ayurvedic Facelift
Massage  Ayurvedic ...

Liz Vincent

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Liz Vincent is a
specialising in regression
hypnosis both in this life

Joseph Baker

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I have had a long interest
in Holistic and
Complementary therapies
since the age of 17, for
over 30 years I have been

Bianca Madison-Vuleta

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Bianca has studied a
variety of natural and
complementary medical
approaches with many of
the world's leading ...

Dimitri Dimitriou

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Over 30 years’ experience
advancing medical
research. Imperial
College Medical School
(Royal Postgraduate ...

Dr Nai Chi Chan

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 Fellow of
Complementary Medical
FCMA(UK) Member of
American Academy of ...

Leasa C Lawrence

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Lea is a clinical specialist
in aesthetics,
cosmetology & wellbeing
for non-surgical &
non-invasive solutions ...

Michael Moxon

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My name is Michael
Moxon I am a very busy
mobile back practitioner
working 6/7 days a week.I
am truly dedicated to my

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Easton Hamilton, the Director of CMA Members Reach, has
put together several articles regarding mental health and ...

Evan Usler, an assistant professor in the University of
Delaware Department of Communication Sciences and ...

A study has found that participants' happiness did not decline,
or declined much slower, if they repeatedly bestowed gifts on

People who feel dizzy when they stand up may have a higher risk of dementia
People who feel dizzy when they stand up may have a higher risk of dementia

Some people who feel dizzy or lightheaded when they stand
up may have an increased risk of developing dementia years

What are the benefits and uses of stinging nettle?
What are the benefits and uses of stinging nettle?

Stinging nettle is a popular natural remedy with a wide range
of uses. In this article we will examine more closely the uses

Medieval medicine remedy could provide new treatment for modern day infections
Medieval medicine remedy could provide new treatment for modern day infections

Antibiotic resistance is an increasing battle for scientists to
overcome, as more antimicrobials are urgently needed to treat

Placebos prove powerful even when people know they're taking one
Placebos prove powerful even when people know they're taking one

A team of researchers is the first to demonstrate that placebos reduce brain markers of emotional distress even when people know they are taking one.

Breaking up sitting time

BIZARRE Medical Facts

Nearly half of all U.S. adults say they can’t
live without their smartphones, according to ...
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Q. "Do you believe that health retreats are worthwhile?"


Q. "I think it's worth buying organic produce"

: 81.5%
: 18.5%

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Essences are liquid solutions that contain the energetic
imprint of flowers, plants or other elements of nature. The best

A team of researchers, including the University of Adelaide,
has found most dietary recommendations provided by ...

A compound commonly found in pickled capers has been
shown to activate proteins required for normal human brain ...

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