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CMA Coronavirus / COVID-19 Real time update. This article covers issues such as returning to work safely, PPE, sanitation procedures, keeping yourself and your clients safe and much more. The article also describes the symptoms of those who have contracted Coronavirus 2019-nCoV and examines complementary medical and lifestyle medicine ways of treating it, given that there is an absence of any viable vaccine or medicine at the current time

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Jayney Goddard, President of The
Complementary Medical Association welcomes

Anthony Rhys Jones

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I am a juice therapist
working with group and
individuals living in
Swansea South Wales  ...

David Mead

image small 1

I was originally an
accountant working for
the International Bar
association in London. I
then started my own ...

Vera Martins

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Hypnotherapist, member
of The National
Hypnotherapy Society.My
heart and mind are ...

Sarah Praise

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 Good Health Promotion
is a combination of
Holistic Therapy and a
Health Shop service
offering natural ...

Krys Giaro

image small 1

Krys Giaro, BA Education
& Training, advisor at
GHM-Giaro Health
Management, specialises
in personalised health ...

Antony Ashe

image small 1

The Green Practice is an
Integrative Medical
incorporating Nutritional,
Ecological and ...


image small 1

Bi-Aura® International
School of Bio-Energy
HealingWe are a haven
of learning, offering
professional training ...

College of ...

image small 1

European College of
QINOpractic Medicine
offers Basic courses in
Swedish and Sports
Massage and Post-Grad

Reiki Jane

image small 1

Reiki Jane has been
working with and
teaching Reiki (amongst
other natural therapies)
for over 20 years.  She ...

The Tranquility

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The Tranquility Zone is
based in Monifieth,
Dundee.  My courses are
run within my treatment
room at this location.I ...

Lockwood ...

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I teach entrepreneurial
women the art and
science of
Programming and how to

Terra Nova
School Of Light

image small 1

At Terra Nova School Of
Light we offer a range of
complemtary therapy
courses and spirtual
courses. Also we ...

Bianca Madison-Vuleta

image small 1

Bianca has studied a
variety of natural and
complementary medical
approaches with many of
the world's leading ...

Dimitri Dimitriou

image small 1

Over 30 years’ experience
advancing medical
research. Imperial
College Medical School
(Royal Postgraduate ...

Leasa C Lawrence

image small 1

Lea is a clinical specialist
in aesthetics,
cosmetology & wellbeing
for non-surgical &
non-invasive solutions ...

Dr Nai Chi Chan

image small 1

 Fellow of
Complementary Medical
FCMA(UK) Member of
American Academy of ...

Dorothy Purnell

image small 1

The Wei Clinic was first
started in Kent over 40
years ago and then
opened in 1979 in
Suffolk with three ...

Michael Moxon

image small 1

My name is Michael
Moxon I am a very busy
mobile back practitioner
working 6/7 days a week.I
am truly dedicated to my

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Stinging nettle is a popular natural remedy with a wide range
of uses. In this article we will examine more closely the uses

Antibiotic resistance is an increasing battle for scientists to
overcome, as more antimicrobials are urgently needed to treat

Sitting for prolonged periods can increase the risk of diabetes
and other health problems. While physical activity ...

Laughing gas may bring relief to veterans suffering from PTSD, new study suggests
Laughing gas may bring relief to veterans suffering from PTSD, new study suggests

Veterans suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
may benefit from one simple, inexpensive treatment involving

Hot flushes and night sweats linked to 70% increase in cardiovascular disease
Hot flushes and night sweats linked to 70% increase in cardiovascular disease

New research from The University of Queensland has found
that women who have hot flushes and night sweats after ...

Television viewing time and cardiovascular disease risk in physically active adults
Television viewing time and cardiovascular disease risk in physically active adults

A new study has suggested that meeting physical activity
recommendations may marginally ameliorate the association

Coronavirus damages the endocrine system
Coronavirus damages the endocrine system

People with endocrine disorders may see their condition worsen as a result of COVID-19, according to a new review published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

Tramadol tied to higher mortality rates than NSAIDs in osteoarthritis patients

BIZARRE Medical Facts

Nearly half of all U.S. adults say they can’t
live without their smartphones, according to ...
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Q. "Do you believe that health retreats are worthwhile?"


Q. "I think it's worth buying organic produce"

: 81.5%
: 18.5%

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A new study has revealed a link between dementia and
repetitive negative thinking (RNT). ...

A research team, led by ETH Professors Mescher and De
Moraes, have discovered that bumblebees have a unique ...

New research, published in the American Journal of Clinical
Nutrition has revealed that eating just one meal in high in ...

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