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CMA Coronavirus / COVID-19 Real time update. This article covers issues such as returning to work safely, PPE, sanitation procedures, keeping yourself and your clients safe and much more. The article also describes the symptoms of those who have contracted Coronavirus 2019-nCoV and examines complementary medical and lifestyle medicine ways of treating it, given that there is an absence of any viable vaccine or medicine at the current time

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Jayney Goddard, President of The
Complementary Medical Association welcomes

Calvin Niles

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Calvin Niles is a coach
known as The Mindful
Storyteller and is making
a positive impact on the
lives of leaders, ...

Sherise Reid

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Hello and welcome, I am
so glad you are here.I am
a Spiritual Counsellor,
Writer, Teacher and an
advanced Reiki ...

Joanne Pronger Faulkner

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I am a high-vibin'
autoimmune warrior, dog
mom, international
best-selling published
author (x3), Caribbean ...

Kerry Cattell

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As a wife and mother of
6, I keep a busy &
organised household on
track, along with 2
beautiful horses and 2 ...

Ruth Phypers

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Ruth Phypers BA (Hons)
MA (Distinction) Dip.
MCMABuilding on her
experience in
leading-edge technology

Sharon Wadsworth

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I am a naturopathic
practitioner specialising
in digestive and gastro
intestinal disorders. leaky
gut and autoimmune ...

The Jason Vale
School of ...

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HEALTH.There’s a wealth
of knowledge waiting for

The Dowsing

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The Dowsing Academy is
home to The Dowsing
Programme (see below)
and is a centre of
excellence for dowsers. 

AyurCare UK

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Why Study Ayurveda with
us?We make Ayurveda
education accessible for
students from all over the
world.  Our doors are ...

Haven of Peace
Light School ...

image small 1

 Therapist and teacher.
Training is given in a
private, confidential
room.Supervised practical
and comprehensive ...

ACS Distance

image small 1

Established in 1979, ACS
offers over 600 courses,
from short courses
through to diploma level
qualifications in ...

Dr Melania Anna Duca

image small 1

After having taught for 7
years at the Faculty of
Psychology of an Italian
private University, I
moved to Northern ...

Glenys Underwood

image small 1

I am the Principal and
Lead Tutor of the Anahata
College of Reflexology in
Lincoln and also a Fellow
of both the Association of

Michelle Geraghty-Corns

image small 1

Michelle started having
Colonic Hydrotherapy
treatments after suffering
from IBS for years and a
friend recommended her

Stuart Morgan-Ayrs

image small 1

Since 1993  I have
worked as a holistic
practitioner combining
counselling, ...

Yumiko Asakura

image small 1

Yumiko Asakura Healer,
Psychotherapist, Teacher
and ShamanFounder of
Leaves InstituteEach of
us is born with the ability

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Young children who grow up with a dog or in a large family
may have some protection later in life from a common ...

Meditation, yoga, and relaxation techniques have gained
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Sometimes when we are reading a good book, it's like we are
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Reiki Effectiveness - Six Scientific Studies to Support Energy Healing Technique
Reiki Effectiveness - Six Scientific Studies to Support Energy Healing Technique

Studies to support our outstanding Reiki Practitioner Members
by taking a look at the key research studies from the last few

College of Integrative Medicine Recruiting for CMA Members only
College of Integrative Medicine Recruiting for CMA Members only

The College of Integrative Medicine (CIM) is launching 42
amazing new courses and they are seeking CMA Registered

New Treatment for Essential Hand Tremors
New Treatment for Essential Hand Tremors

A new treatment has been developed for those suffering from
extreme hands tremors ...

Smudging: Finally Research Evidence Supports This Practice
Smudging: Finally Research Evidence Supports This Practice

There is an ancient art, believed to have been practised by Native Americans throughout the Centuries known as Smudging. This is the process of daily purification.

Understanding the Science of Acupuncture

BIZARRE Medical Facts

Nearly half of all U.S. adults say they can’t
live without their smartphones, according to ...
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Q. "Do you believe that health retreats are worthwhile?"


Q. "I think it's worth buying organic produce"

: 81.5%
: 18.5%

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Study of the effects of direct oral anticoagulants vs traditional
vitamin k method in order to reduce risks of dementia. ...

This latest study from the University of Rochester in the
United States has shown that not all stress is bad, but ...

Saturated fat may reduce our ability to concentrate as
discovered within new research, published in the American ...

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