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Is depression really “All in the Mind”? Inflammation and its role in depression. What can you do when the pills don't work any more?

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Jayney Goddard, President of The
Complementary Medical Association welcomes

Sue Farrer

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Susan Farrer
MFHomDent BSc
homeopath specialising
in personal healthcare, ...

Angela Rawal

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I am based in Middlesex
and specialise in offering
realistic, tailor made
nutritional advice for all
ages.I have had ...

Anne Ledbetter

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Anne qualified as a yoga
teacher with Sun Power
Yoga in 2011 and
teaches classes at a
number of venues in and

Wendy Lavin

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Wendy Lavin, author, life
coach and mental
well-being advocate.
Solution focused life
coaching. Asking ...

Jacqueline Bailey (Gateway Tutor)

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We are a Awarded family
business offering a
extensive range of
Energy, Holistic, Beauty,
Spa and Various ...

Delta Streete

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Natural Health
Coach Combating Stress
Relieving PainClinical


Stick to Red Wine for Your Resveratrol?
Stick to Red Wine for Your Resveratrol?

“the published evidence is not sufficiently strong to justify a
recommendation for the administration of resveratrol to ...

Vitamin E Supplementation Shown to Treat Fatty Liver Disease
Vitamin E Supplementation Shown to Treat Fatty Liver Disease

A disease that causes inflammation and damage to the liver
has been found to respond positively to daily supplementation

Dementia Treatment Option: Rhodiola Rosea?
Dementia Treatment Option: Rhodiola Rosea?

Research indicates that Rhodiola rosea proved highly
effective and the researchers say that it is a candidate for ...

Dengue Fever and Homeopathy?
Dengue Fever and Homeopathy?

In writing a paper on the use of homeopathic medicine in treating Dengue Fever, author Gitesh Kalyankar has explained how they identified and used their homeopathic remedy as a “Genus Epidemicus”.

How Olive Oil Works to Reduce Cardiovascular Risks

BIZARRE Medical Facts

Just as gruesome was the ancient Egyptian
remedy that consisted of rubbing a freshly ...
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Research has concluded that combining Eastern and
Western concepts of hot-flush pathogenesis can lead to safer,

Research has investigated whether Spiritual Healing could
support patients with breast cancer undergoing long-term ...

Research has examined how we might respond to ‘gentle
touch’, (“our most mysterious physical sense”), by looking at ...

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