Pauline Wills

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Pauline Wills lives in
North West London and
is the founder of the
Oracle School of colour. 
She trained and qualified

Amal Elsayed

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Fully Qualified
Practitioner has more
than fifteen years
experience MCMA Featured cupping
Practitioner Dentist, Oral Surgeon Master degree of Oral

Carol Lovitt

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Foot Care Practitioner Also Hand Care Nail Reconstruction Hot stone Massage Chakra Balancing Reflexology for hands or
feet Clinic appointments Home visits for the

Daniel Kahn

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Dan Kahn is a leading
Bi-Aura energy medicine
specialist and has
featured in TV
documentaries and chat


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Do you have unresolved
physical, physiological
and emotional
symptoms? They could be caused by
hidden allergies or ...


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Is your mind always on
the go? Do you suffer from
anxiety? Do you feel overcome by
worries? Do you find it difficult to
sleep or relax? Do you feel continuously

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Artemesia’s (Wormwood’s)
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Q. "Complementary Medicine and Natural Healthcare treatments are an invaluable part of healthcare today."


Q. "I think the 'claim' that a CAM practitioner 'treats' a patient/client who has a condition - should be allowed in their advertising?"

: 80.0%
: 20.0%

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A study has tested the effects of giving people with autistim
oxytocin (“the love hormone”) to inhale. ...

This review concentrated on Avicenna's work on respiratory
diseases (volume three of his Canon of Medicine). ...

Researchers have proposed a theory to explain how yoga
works ‘medicinally’ ...

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