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Ruby – Crystal Healing

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Ruby – Crystal Healing

It is thought that the word comes from the Latin “ruber” meaning red. 

Colour and description

Rose to dark purple / red. As a rough stone it looks remarkably dull yet shines like a diamond when cut and polished. It gets its colour from traces of chrome.

Other names: Ruby is another name for “red corundum.”

Where is it found

Burma and Sri Lanka.

Hardness: 9

(Talc is the softest at number 1 and diamond the hardest at number 10.)

Structure: Trigonal crystalline.


Crystal healers use Ruby for the following conditions:

Infectious diseases: Used to ease typhoid, bubonic plague.

Heart attack and other circulatory diseases: Good to use on those who have had a heart attack because with this condition the vitality is depleted. Also used for leukaemia, sickle cell anaemia, and schizophrenia.

Builds confidence: Helps you to be your true self.

Self-hatred: Helps with those who judge themselves too harshly.

Leadership qualities: Gives you the confidence to make unpopular decisions.

Other uses: To stop bad dreams, reconcile arguments; strengthen ears, spleen, and pituitary. 

Element: Fire

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