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Men’s Health Matters: Top 10 Health Risks for Men

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Men’s Health Matters: Top 10 Health Risks for Men

Research studies undertaken during the past few years concur about the most common health issues for men and the circumstances that may most put men at risk. 

Here at The CMA, we have collated the latest lists into the top 10, bearing in mind that this does not intend to minimise or ignore other conditions that may need medical help.

Oftentimes, men suffer devastating chronic conditions because they don’t talk to their doctors, their friends or loved ones, and they don’t make adequate positive adjustments.

Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CIM) – hand in hand with changes in lifestyle and diet – can have a lasting positive effect on all aspects of health and well-being; from better weight maintenance to improved mental health to more robust viral resistance due to improved immunity.

The Top 10 Health Risks for Men are:

1. Cancer: Particularly colon, esophageal, liver, oral, prostrate, skin, testicular, throat.

2. Cardiovascular disease: A general term for conditions affecting the heart or blood vessels.

3. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other respiratory diseases, including pneumonia.

4. Diabetes.

5. Erectile dysfunction “ED” (formerly called Impotence) / Testosterone deficiency / “Low T” (androgen deficiency, “manopause”).

6. HIV and AIDS.

7. Liver disease.

8. Mental health: Around one in eight men in the UK will suffer mental health problems at some point, though this might be conservative figure.

9. Obesity and fat redistribution.

10. Viruses, including Influenza.

Also of note:

Misuse of alcohol can lead to liver damage and colon cancer.

Hair loss and beard growth can affect identity and mental health.

Unintentional injuries and accidents can also be contributory factors.

The CMA website is the repository of informative articles, which we encourage you to read and share with friends, colleagues, and loved ones.


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