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Bloodstone – Crystal Healing

Bloodstone Crystal Healing
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Bloodstone – Crystal Healing

Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope, which derives from the Greek word “helio” meaning sun and “trepein” signifying turning. It was thought to be so powerful as to turn the sun from orange to red.

Colour and description

The name bloodstone comes from the characteristic red spots in this dark green stone. It is a form of chalcedony quartz. The red is due to the iron impurities in the stone.

Other names: Heliotrope, stone of courage, the Martyr’s stone.

Where is it found

India, Australia, Brazil, China, and the USA.

Hardness: 6-7.

(Talc is the softest at number 1 and diamond the hardest at number 10.)

Structure: Trigonal crystalline structure.


Crystal healers use bloodstone for the following conditions:

Blood related disorders: Alleged to help heal wounds, haemorrhaging, and bleeding, as well as keeping the blood healthy. 

Other uses: Bloodstone helps heal ailments of the eyes, lungs, and heart. It is suggested that women should carry it to prevent miscarriage. Farmers use bloodstone to encourage a good yield of crops. It helps to calm fears, brings about feelings of courage, encourages honesty and integrity in relationships, and renews love. Keep this stone close to you for wealth and business success.

Element: Earth and fire

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