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Paul Wren


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  • Alex

    My sessions with Paul have improved my quality of life substantially. He has always remained a constant support to my journey through life and I truly feel he genuinely cares. Paul has helped me to navigate my own mind and have a healthy relationship with my subconscious mind. At first glance this seems like a strange concept but within the first session I began to understand how my mind actually works. He has helped me overcome many mental hurdles holding me back in life such as social anxiety and negative thought habits. Restructuring the way my subconscious works to help me live a happy and worry free life and also teaching me how to deal with these hurdles myself post Paul’s sessions. I would recommend anyone to Paul who wants to take back control over their own mind and be the best version of themselves.

  • Laura Kennard

    I was asked to give a 10 minute presentation at a networking event and whilst I knew it would be good for me and my business I was incredibly nervous. Paul suggested I try Control and Change as he thought this would help to increase my confidence and also work on my anxiety around meeting and speaking to new people.

    Paul was very professional and put me at ease straight away, he explained what we were going to do and why for each part of the process.

    I gave the presentation and whilst I was still a little nervous I actually really enjoyed it!! I would never have thought that before I saw Paul as simply thinking about standing in front of a room full of people and giving a presentation made me feel physically sick.

    I also felt so much more confident about speaking with people who I don’t know.

    Thank you Paul !

    If you have something about you that you would like to change I would highly recommend Paul.

  • Anna Collins

    I came to see Paul as for number of years I had problems with de-cluttering among other things. With his help I was able to realise that I had been seeing items as animate objects with feelings and a worry that if I got rid of them I would lose the memories of that person, place or occasion. This has now gone and I am in the process of sorting out.

    I also had a fear of driving up hills and hill starts in cars due to a problem on my first driving test. Since seeing Paul I have driven up Manor Road twice with none of the anxiety I used to feel.

    He has also helped me with my self confidence and spider concerns, the latter culminating in picking up a dead house spider (while wearing latex gloves) and popping it in the bin.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone, with his help I was able to look at my life and Control and Change.

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