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Jeannie Karaya Payette


Alternative Healing, Ancestral Healing, Animal Communication, Herbal Medicine / Therapies (Western & Eastern), Holistic Herbal Product Making, Holistic Nutrition, Infrared Therapy, Reiki Spiritual Healing and Women’s Holistic Hormone Health Practitioner


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    My name is Jaysonn I’m on her phone and I highly recommend Jeannie Karaya Payette at WhoLelistic Life HeaLing & Natural Wellness Practice. I travel a lot and get sick while on the road. I can always reach her on “Just Talk” her Telemedicine service and get advice on what I need. For example I had a bad sinus infection and she advised me to get Colodial Silver and I was healed in 3 days. She’s truly the best herbalist, Holistic Health Care Practitioner.

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