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Phytobiophysics Therapy
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Phytobiophysics is a discipline that uses Flower Formulas that act as ‘energy harmonisers’ to bring the body back to a state of balance.   

This document provides general information of what to expect when you visit a therapist, and a general theory behind how the discipline works. It must be noted, however, that every therapist works in an individual way, and may subscribe to slightly different theories on how the discipline works. It is always advised that you ask to see relevant qualifications, and discuss the treatment offered to you by the practitioner, if you are in any doubt whatsoever.

What is Phytobiophysics?

The principle behind phytobiophysics is that there is an invisible energy flowing through our bodies along lines or channels called ‘meridians’, which are naked to the eye and do not show up on X-rays. Practitioners believe that a healthy body has a flow of energy that circulates round the body at a certain level, unless there is a disease present. This is because the energy that flows round the body vibrates at a certain frequency, as too do all the cells in the body. Everything has a vibration, including viruses and disease, and their frequency can interfere with the energy flow frequency, thus creating blockages within the body and causing illness. These energy blocks can be detected by an instrument called a ‘galvanometer’, which measures electric current and is used in electro-acupoint testing. 

Phytobiophysics involves giving the patient a very small pill that contains Flower Formulas that act as energy harmonisers. Each formula has been produced to resonate at a very specific frequency, thus correcting frequencies in the body that are causing the problems, regardless of whether the manifestation is spiritual, emotional, or physical. The Flower Formulas stabilise the body’s physical and emotional functions, and ensure assimilation of nutrients, as a result, the body’s immune system is strengthened and in turn runs more efficiently. 

Main Uses 

All manner of physical diseases and conditions are treated with phytobiophysics, including asthma and chemical dependency. Emotional upsets or traumas, including breakdown of marriage, bereavement, nursing loved ones, rejection, and disappointment all benefit from this discipline. 

What to Expect when you Visit a Therapist

You will be asked questions relating to your medical history, and perhaps that of your immediate family. Lifestyle questions, such as stress levels, diet, exercise regimes, and sleep patterns will be asked to ensure that an holistic approach is taken, as well as asking you, the patient, what expectations you have of the treatment.

The therapist will link you up to an instrument called a ‘galvanometer’, which is used in electro-acupoint testing. It is a non-intrusive device that is attached to your finger and links to a display readout. You will then be given a box containing various phials of substances, and you will be asked to place your hand over them. By a process of elimination, you will end up with a selection of phials that will be used in your final preparation, that you will need to take home with you and take as instructed. This formula is specific to you and what you need in order to have balance restored within the body. It is usually suspended in alcohol, but you if have an allergy or addiction to alcohol, you will be given your preparation in water. You may also be advised of other preparations you will need to take, which you can buy from the therapist or in some nutritional centre outlets.  

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