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Carnelian – Crystal Healing

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Carnelian – Crystal Healing

The name comes from the Latin word “cornum” meaning berry or cherry.

Colour and description

This stone is the translucent form of chalcedony quartz and is red. It can appear as reddish-orange or even reddish brown, but it is always red. If you leave the stone exposed in the sun it will turn from red to brown. The colour is due to the iron impurities in the quartz structure.

Where is it found

The best stones come from India, but carnelian can be found all over the world. California has a big supply, and so does Brazil and Uruguay.

Hardness: 7

(Talc is the softest at number 1 and diamond the hardest at number 10.)

Structure: Trigonal crystalline structure.


Crystal healers use carnelian for the following conditions:

Negative emotions: Anger, fear, rage and envy are avoided when using this crystal. It is reported to have been worn by Mohammed, Napoleon I and III to ward off negative emotions and thoughts. High priests are said to have this stone in their breastplates. 

Asthma: Eases breathing.

Blood pressure: Lowers high blood pressure.

Menstrual problems: Cramps.

Other uses: Kidney problems, gallbladder and pancreas problems, lowers fevers and takes the heat out of arthritis. Helps with the flow of creative energies, as well as aiding those who have to pay close attention to detail. 

Element: Earth

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