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Blue Lace Agate – Crystal Healing

Blue Lace Agate
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Blue Lace Agate – Crystal Healing

Helpful for those wishing to attain inner attunement. 

Colour and description

Light blue with bands of light blue, and opaque white, running through in wavy patterns like lace, hence the name.

Other names: Light blue miracle stone. Blue Agate.

Where is it found

Brazil and Uruguay.

Hardness: 7

(Talc is the softest at number 1 and diamond the hardest at number 10.)

Structure: Trigonal crystalline structure.


Crystal Healers use blue lace agate to treat the following conditions:

Arthritis: Used to cool inflammation.

Skeletal disorders: Useful at strengthening the skeletal system.

Other uses: Digestive disorders, problems with central nervous system.

Element: Air

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