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Arg Nit – Homeopathic Remedy

Arg Nit Homeopathic Remedy
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Arg Nit – Homeopathic Remedy

Arg Nit (Argenticum nitricum)

Do you suffer pre-interview jitters? Examination collywobbles? Or driving test dread? If the answer is yes to any of these questions this could be the remedy for you!

Arg nit-type people are impatient, impulsive, restless characters, always thinking on their feet. These people tend to be rather negative in their outlook, always fearing the worst. However, they hide their feelings well, displaying on the exterior a confidant, carefree approach to life. Arg-nit types are particularly fond of sweet food, despite the digestive upsets that often follow.

Other names: Silver nitrate, Devil’s stone, lunar caustic, hellstone.


Arg nit is extracted from the mineral ore acanthite, which in turn is derived from silver. 


Homoeopaths may prescribe this remedy for:

Extreme anxiety, fear, or panic before an important event, such as a driving test, an interview, examinations, public speaking, or flying displaying the following symptoms: As well as the aforementioned emotional turmoil, there may be some diarrhoea.

Digestive disturbances displaying the following symptoms: Indigestion, abdominal pain, wind, nausea, headache.

Throat infections displaying the following symptoms: Sore throat, inflammation (i.e., laryngitis), hoarseness. 

Eye inflammation (such as conjunctivitis).

Period pains.

People requiring this remedy will feel worse: With heat, at night, when tense and anxious, when overworked, lying on their left side, when talking, when moving.

People requiring this remedy will feel better: In cool / cold fresh air, when belching, by putting pressure on the painful area.

The information given on this site about homeopathic remedies is just a general overview. Classical homeopathy takes all the patient’s symptoms into account and prescribes upon the “Totality of Symptoms”, thus finding the precise remedy that matches the patient’s symptoms perfectly. 

Here, at The CMA we recommend that anyone interested in learning more about homeopathy and the fascinating remedies that homeopaths use should take an introduction course to homeopathy, which will help you to understand how to become a good home first-aid prescriber. This is ideal for ‘acute symptoms’. However, if you want to learn more – with a view even to becoming a professional homeopath, who is educated highly enough to be able to treat chronic conditions, you’ll need to be prepared to spend many years learning this vast and fascinating topic – along with anatomy, physiology and pathology, history of medicine, homeopathic philosophy, and much more. You’ll find both kinds of courses here on this site – head to our section on Find a CMA Member and search under CMA Registered Training Schools.

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