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I want to register with The CMA as a Practitioner – how will The CMA help me grow my practice?

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I want to register with The CMA as a Practitioner – how will The CMA help me grow my practice?

The CMA is dedicated to supporting you in expanding and enhancing your practice. As a fully registered CMA Member (MCMA), you’ll benefit from our extensive marketing support, which includes a listing in our online directory, and helping potential clients find and connect with you. Additionally, we provide access to incredible proven-to-work resources and educational opportunities that can improve your skills, enhance your credibility, and ultimately attract more clients to your practice.

We are so committed to your success that we will even create your own bespoke promotional video for you that we will promote via our YouTube channel, newsletter and you’ll be given a copy for you to use in any way that will benefit you and promote your work.

Client acquisition and retention!

Of course, client acquisition is only one part of running a successful practice – keeping loyal, engaged clients is also crucial. We are keen to support you in making sure that your practice is sustainable – in the long term – so that you can scale your work – ultimately helping more and more people by doing the work you love!

It is worth going through all the incredible benefits of CMA Membership to familiarise yourself with all the we offer – so that you can make sure that you are taking advantage of all of these to dramatically enhance your growth as a practitioner, both personally and professionally.

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