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Glenda Rudkin


Anxiety Management, CPD Courses, Crystal Bowls, Empowerment, Energy Therapies, Grief and Bereavement Counselling, Guided Mind Meditation, Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy, Journal Therapy, Life Coaching, Mental Health First Aid, Mindful Mental Health, Self Realisation, Singing Bowls, Sound Therapy, Spiritual Life Coaching, Stress Management and Visionalisation


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  • Rhian Hughes

    Glenda has always been a cheerleader for me and supported myself and my daughter through a lot she’s always got a tool ready for me to use with whatever i face, also her guided meditation is unbelievable

  • Collette Fowles

    I have been attending Group Visualisation sessions with Glenda for a number of months now and I have to say the difference it’s made in my physical, mental and emotional well being has been life changing. I was previously in very poor health and a dark place. Glenda is kind, caring and supportive. She has helped me find a peace, level of relaxation and emotional well-being I didn’t think possible. So much so I moved on to 1:1 life coaching sessions with her. I’ve never regretted it and highly recommend her services.

  • Linda Ellis

    I first went to Glenda, when I had so many problems with my past , & it was consuming me with guilt. Could not enjoy my life, Yet I had done nothning wrong.
    Through Glenda guidance & doing her Visualisation, & Life Coaching, I am now a strong independant woman, who has no problems from my past now.
    I look forward to exploring what a new day brings, gone is the guilt from the past, gone is the being scared to take one foot in front of the other, with confidance . Knowing I have done nothying to feel guiltys about.
    I am living a happy life, thanks to Glenda . Would recomomend Glenda she helps overcome things & improves quality of life .

  • Leah

    I have been doing Guided Visualisation with Glenda for a year now, she makes you feel welcomed and comfortable for the journey that she takes you on. I look forward to attending the weekly sessions as it allows me to have ‘me time’ and get away from the troubles in everyday life. Coming out of the sessions I always feel relaxed and refreshed, she really does work her magic. I would highly recommend Glenda!

  • Chris Crellin

    I lost my mum to cancer and cared for her right up to the end as she did not want to go into a hospice, and after she passed I struggled with grief and still to this day as its something you never get over. Then by chance I saw Glenda posted about guided meditation on facebook and felt it was a sign to go and give myself some self healing. This will have been 2 years ago this year. This was the best thing I did. Glenda is so kind, caring and I was unsure what to expect but WOW this has been the best self healing I could imagine and now with going through the menopause the class is great for the anxieties and all the other great things that go with the menopause and I have introduced a couple of friends to the glass who also agrees her classes her fantastic. Glenda is brilliant at what she does and goes above and beyond and is such a professional .. If you have not given this a go I highly recommend Glenda’s classes.

  • Victoria

    Glenda has felt like “home” well before finding her calling and becoming the amazing practitioner she is I had the pleasure of working with her well before anyone had any consciousness or understanding of spiritual wellness and all the benefits it brings .. our paths crossed again many years later “synchronicity “ This wonderful human approaches with understanding and compassion and from her core wants to guide anyone to their best being.
    I highly recommend Glenda being in your life and know she is true and authentic and only good can come from connecting with her

  • Gillian Richardson

    I was intrigued by what I’ve heard about people’s visualisation sessions and to how they can help with different issues. I booked a session with Glenda and was made to feel at ease even by booking with her over the phone. Such a lovely lady who settled my nerves even before I even met her. I drove over to Liverpool from North Wales to be greeted by Glenda who instantly put me at ease…. I was a little nervous on what to expect…. I find it hard to “switch off” . She explained how the process would work while totally reassuring me. Honestly within 5 mins of listening to Glenda’s soothing voice I felt on my way to being totally relaxed, no feeling of being tense…my experience was peaceful,calming and I can honestly say I felt rejuvenated after my session with her. Her room where she practices is fabulous and I’d highly recommend this wonderful lady…. I’ve already booked to visit her again.

  • Jean Smith

    I don’t know what to add to what others have said – Glenda is just the most amazing person. I can honestly say she has changed my life. If I recall back to when I first started working with Glenda I was very, very sad and unhappy with low self esteem. Glenda gave me all the tools I needed to value myself, set boundaries, not be afraid to speak my truth, to understand that I was not responsible for how others behave or react, plan how to manage difficult situations so that I didn’t compromise my own well being – this all absolutely opened my eyes and changed my mindset. I can never thank her enough! I have an inner peace and strength which Glenda made happen. I feel so much more positive and optimistic and take better care of myself.
    Glenda even gave me my own mantra! ‘Glenda says be …..’ ! – she will know! I still use it to motivate myself.
    Thank you Glenda xxx I love you and I am so glad to have worked with you. Keep on working your magic

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