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Carol Pope


Addiction Therapy, Anxiety Management, CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Child and Young People’s Mental Health Awareness, Couples and Family Therapy, Eating Disorder Awareness, Epilepsy Awareness, Grief and Bereavement Counselling, Holistic Counselling, Holistic Psychotherapy, Journal Therapy, Pain Management, Psychotherapy, Relationship Psychology, Stress Management and Therapeutic Counselling

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  • Carol Pope Listing Owner

    Both myself and my son had weekly counselling sessions with Carol and I can’t thank her enough! My son had seen other counsellors, but had never opened up to any of them, like he did Carol. She was very patient and understanding with him and was always very professional and friendly. She went above and beyond to make both myself and my son feel comfortable and she is brilliant at what she does. If you are looking for a counsellor, I would highly recommend Carol. Thank you for all your help, Carol – you are amazing
    (Lisa Bruce, August ’23)

  • Carol Pope Listing Owner

    Carol is a good listener, asks the big questions and is ready to approach the tough subjects with empathy and skill. Thank you, Carol for all your help!
    (Emanuela Molnar, July ’23)

  • Carol Pope Listing Owner

    Quite simply, brilliant. For just over a year, we have been having weekly counselling sessions and over this time, Carol has come to know me incredibly well and has tailored the sessions to suit me. There have been a number of hard truths and tough sessions, but the effects they have had on my life have been invaluable and my life has changed for the better. For anyone considering counselling, I can highly recommend Carol.
    (Andy Peters, July ’23)

  • Carol Pope Listing Owner

    I started counselling sessions with Carol over a year ago and every single one has felt safe and without judgement. She has taught me how to manage my anxiety and walked me through every “wobble” I’ve had. She has helped me to identify in future scenarios, how to rationally think or calm myself. She is brilliant at what she does and I thank you continually, Carol for all that you’ve supported me with!
    (Emma Sprules, July ’23)

  • Carol Pope Listing Owner

    Carol has helped me immensely over the past few years, guiding me through a very stressful and upsetting time in my life. Most recently, in helping me come to terms with the sudden loss of my dear brother. Carol is empathetic and has helped me understand how to deal with guilt and sadness. My sessions with Carol have been a very positive addition to my life and I would recommend Carol and Holistic Counselling Services.
    (Mandy Lukeman, June ’23)

  • Carol Pope Listing Owner

    Carol is a friendly, yet professional Counsellor. I have been a long term client of hers and thanks to her efforts, she has helped me improve many areas of my life. For the most part, you will not see the full extent of her dedication to her job, until she references detailed notes from many months previously, or send you a message between sessions on a Groupon activity she knows you would benefit from. Her personable approach makes it easy to open up to her in an honest and safe way, but she will also know when to call you out on half truths an self-deception, so you don’t run down the same old beaten track, or fall into the same pitfalls. Not only would I recommend Carol, I already have recommended her to others and I will continue to meet with her, in order to help make the changes in my life, I need to.
    (Matt Warren, June ’23)

  • Carol Pope Listing Owner

    Carol is helping us and after 3 hours consultation with my boy and us, she already has a clear view of how to help us. She is very professional.
    (Sara Grassi, July ’20)

  • Sam

    Carols guidance and support helped me through some extremely difficult and emotional times, without her I wouldn’t now be in such a loving, caring, positive place at home and in my career I cannot thank you enough Carol! and could not recommend you enough x

  • Meg Burrows

    Carol Is Bloody Brilliant!

    I tell all of my friends, colleagues and quite frankly, anyone that will listen.

    Carol is friendly, personable, professional and just really, ‘gets it’. I feel we clicked quickly when we first spoke. I have always been given the space I need to be able to work through the testing and difficult times I have had currently and over the past two years.

    I would be in a very diffirent phase of my life personally and professionally without Carol’s support and guidance which has helped to motivate and shape changes of my own perspectives, goals and boundaries.

    I have ‘graduated’ from our sessions a few times now and I have returned to Carol in my times of need.

    Quite frankly everyone needs a Carol in their life and I would highly recommend Carol for anyone who needs support!

    Thanks Carol!
    You’re Awesome

  • Alisoun

    Carol has been the most amazing help to our family during a tricky time that has lasted a good few years. I can never sufficiently express our gratitude. Her skill, professionalism and attention to detail are second to none. It is wonderful to know her help and sympathy are available to us at any time in response to a phone call or email when things get unbearably rough. Bless you Carol.

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