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Antonella Di Cillo


Flower Essences, Holistic Nutrition and Iridology

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  • Marion

    I knew nothing of iridology until I visited Antonella. Through this consultation, I learned so much and also had so much useful advice on the use of mushrooms. I have a metastatic renal cell cancer diagnosis, and had started using mushrooms but I now have a much better understanding of which to use and how they work. Antonella is so approachable, knowledgeable and easy to talk to, I would definitely recommend her.

  • Giancarlo

    I was looking for a more holistic treatment for some issues I was going through and decided to contact Antonella, a dedicated iridologist currently studying to become an herbalist, who played a crucial role in helping me through this challenging period.
    During a time when my mood was erratic, my productivity suffered, and my poor nutrition adversely affected my health and sleep patterns, Antonella’s expertise provided a lifeline. By examining my irises, she crafted a personalized nutritional program that transformed my well-being. This tailored approach stabilized my mental health and improved my diet, leaving me feeling less tired, less bloated, and more focused on my studies. Thanks to Antonella’s guidance, I regained control over my health and life.

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