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Maria Lodetoft | House of Moon Academy


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22 Reviews on “Maria Lodetoft | House of Moon Academy”

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  • Stephanie Lai

    Maria is a fantastic sound healer. Her events are so soothing and healing. I always have the deepest insight and realisations. The way she plays the gong is mesmerising. I’ve visited many of her events and she always holds such a beautiful space.

  • Maisie

    Studying my Sound Healer Training with Maria was nothing short of a truly magical and life-changing experience. The amount of valuable information and knowledge that was packed into the course allowed me to feel confident moving forward as a practitioner. We had lots of hands on experience and feedback throughout the whole course to ensure that we were ready to begin hosting our own events confidently. I am now confidently hosting my own events, including overseas during my travels. I can’t recommend training with Maria enough!

  • Alec Orzo

    I attended Maria’s Sound Healer training in February ‘23 and it was an amazing experience. She’s so knowledgeable about energy, music and the theory behind sound healing. I really valued the opportunity to meet so many different instruments and all the practical learning. She’s a great teacher and have continued to support my sound healer journey far beyond the training.

  • Noah

    Maria is an excellent teacher & healer. She guides you exactly the way you need to be guided in order to reach your next level. Her Sound Healer Training was so much more than learning how to become a Sound Healer. It was an life-changing journey that went very deep and elevated my whole being. She attracted an amazing group of students coming together for this training. I felt deep connection & support and can’t wait for all the co-creations happening after the training.

  • Char

    Maria is a wonderful teacher and energy & sound healer. The Sound Healer training was a fantastic immersive experience from the content covered, ongoing support and engaging group of students. Maria’s guidance throughout helped elevate each student on their path. Highly recommend working with Maria and the Sound Healer course.

  • Jessica

    I can not recommend Maria’s course enough. I had already done a short course and become certified in playing singing bowls but when I found out about Maria’s offering, I jumped at the chance and I have been so pleased with that decision.
    Maria spares no details and truly offers all her whole wisdom in her well organised and thought out offering. I have been integrating all her knowledge into my work and it is working wonders for people. It gave me so much confidence that I was able to offer a great service to my clients.

  • Amrinder

    This course has been absolutely amazing and is definitely one in a million. Maria is extremely gifted in so many ways and she gives so much with abundance of love. She respects everyone’s space and creates a wonderful space for everyone to be comfortable and open. The teachings are thorough and there is an abundance of learning, wisdom and healing. The personal journey I went on through this course has been wholesome. Sound healing with Maria is a must! Everything is tight well from instrumental alignment, communicate to creating sound. Highly recommend this course. Thank you so much!

  • Olivia Lumley

    I feel so grateful for the most wonderful sound healing course I’ve just completed! It was more than I could’ve imagined. Maria is an inspiration. She radiates wisdom and light and is an amazing healer, teacher & mentor. She’s truly intuitive and called things out from deep within all of us.

    The course was also very thorough – a huge amount was packed in. The sound healing sessions she held for us were powerfully transformative but also as a teacher she’s extremely knowledgeable, interesting and teaches in a clear, succinct way. She gives tangible, practical help so that the next steps now don’t seem as daunting. I’ve left feeling equipped, uplifted and inspired.

    Truly a soul stirring month and I’m so grateful! Something deep within me feels like it’s woken up. I’m so excited about beginning to offer private sessions and i’m also planning group events. I’d highly recommend the course to anyone who’s considering it!

  • Kirsten

    This is such a beautifully nourishing course that gave me the foundations to build my sound healing business upon. Maria is an amazing facilitator and is very encouraging of her students, giving them the fundamental tools to become a confident and heart-aligned student of sound.

  • Ellie

    What a comprehensive course, Maria is so generous with her resources, time and instruments. The course was not only educational and helpful but massively awakening and transformational for my own personal journey. Thankyou!!

  • Peggy Song

    I highly recommend Maria Lodetoft’s sound healing experiences and facilitator trainings for whoever is interested. I have been going to Maria’s the Alchemy Awakening at the Mandrake hotel for a while and completely enjoyed how immersive and restorative they are. So I reckoned her gifted talent as a sound healer and decided to get my facilitator training done with her. Maria’s Sound Healing Facilitator Training has been a very beneficial, delightful, soothing, and unforgettable experience for me, and it has helped me achieve my goal of becoming a professional sound healer. During this training session, she presented to us her incredible professionalism and knowledge in the field of sound healing, as well as her nature of giving, caring, and nurturing. She was incredibly patient with whatever questions we might have during the teaching while leading our way and has equipped us with her best well-rounded 360 knowledge revolving around sound healing – the practice of sound healing per se, holding a space of sound healing, how to best serve your audience, and even branding, etc. This training is also very hands-on and practical: Maria is very generous in offering us access to her tools and instruments during the training sessions, really making me feel more confident and comfortable connecting myself with the healing tools. This course is also a healing journey for self-care while absorbing all the knowledge and techniques, a win-win. Last but not least, the course is very good for connecting and networking with like-minded and talented future-raising sound healers, which is another bonus.

  • Char

    Highly recommend the Galactic Reiki Training: Chapter 1 course by Maria. Maria’s guidance and style of teaching graciously guides us through the journey and lessons of Galactic Reiki for self healing. The course integrates both teaching and healing, helping one’s own growth and elevation. Thank you Maria for holding this calming space!

  • Amrinder

    Just completed the first module of Galactic Reiki and Light Code Language. Cannot recommend this enough! Maria is an amazing teacher, warm hearted who resects the individual’s journey to date. She is thorough in her teachings. The first module aids self healing in many ways and there are activations done. It’s absolutely amazing. There shifts experienced within oneself are immense and self discoveries too. Sensing energy is also great. Definitely recommend this! Thank you so much Maria!

  • Sara

    This course has been an amazingly transformative experience where I have not only learnt but also healed . Maria gives so much to every course she facilitates and the personal journey I went on will benefit my own practices tenfold. Galactic Reiki Training – Chaper One: The Soul Star Connection really gives you a solid foundation of this revolutionary practice. I highly recommend this course. Thank you Maria!

  • Becky Stanton

    I wholeheartedly recommend Maria’s Galactic Reiki practitioner course. Chapter 1 is a beautiful introduction to self-healing that’s practical, magical and powerful! The training is over 3 days which also allows plenty of time for activation, receiving and integration. It’s a wonderful pace that leaves you feeling so cleansed and empowered to take this into daily life. Thank you Maria – your knowledge and approach to Galactic Reiki is incredible and I’m so grateful for you sharing this wisdom. 5 big cosmos stars!

  • Levente Orszagh

    Attended Maria’s Galatic Reiki Course, Chapter One, The Soul Star Connection and it was fantastic. I’ve learned so much about the origins about Reiki, Star Seeds, Crystals, my own inner power and much much more. I’ve found my unique slight code sign to activate the flow of Galactic Reiki, and I’ve leaned how to self heal. Can’t wait for the second chapter and the practitioner level.

  • Lindsey

    I can highly recommend working with Maria, she is an incredible healer, teacher and mentor. I attended Maria’s retreat in Marrakesh which was amazing and I experienced the release of many limiting beliefs, fears and doubts allowing me to go on to start my wellness business feeling confident, aligned and focused.

    I also attended the Sound Healing course where Maria offers another incredible learning experience and an opportunity for me to elevate my business and recently I have joined the Galactic Reiki course which has been an another fantastic course.

    Maria is an amazing teacher she is authentic, caring and supportive, she gets you the results you are looking for in a way that feels empowering yet gentle.

    I can highly recommend working with Maria you will have a life changing experience.

  • Noah

    I attended Maria’s Galactic Reiki Course Chapter One and for me it was so much more than a Reiki course. I did my first Reiki Certification 2 years ago, but that did not even come close to what I experienced in the weekend with Maria. She holds the space for magical transformation and growth. You will not only get confident working with cosmic energies, but also see the world with different eyes.

  • Ana

    I am so grateful to have completed the Galactic Reiki training session with Maria, wow I couldn’t have asked for a better guide through this journey! Maria really holds the most sacred space with the utmost of loving kindness and compassion. I felt so held in each session and love that she just knew what I was thinking and helped me gain an even deeper understanding of what I was processing. Maria has a gentle approach with a kind and loving heart, you can really feel she loves to share her profound wisdom and knowledge and is such a wonderful teacher, always encouraging and lifting me up. I feel so lucky our paths have crossed during this magical time, I can honestly say that Maria has helped me get to a much more elevated place, it’s like I have come home and found my Highest Self and look forward to doing as many of Maria’s courses as I can! Eternally grateful x

  • Melanie Preen

    Maria is a beautiful human and soul! Now I am continuing to do Galactic Reiki & Energy Healing with her. One of a kind, and I really enjoy the bespoke knowledge that she shares that cannot be found from just anyone or online. She also teaches us how to protect ourselves energetically, which is critical to energy healing. So grateful. Thank you!!

  • Jordana Dannii

    Studying Sound Healing Training April 2024 under the wings and wisdom of Maria Lodetoft has been truly a blessing and an unforgettable experience. Maria has really put her heart and soul into creating an experience for our own healing but also the course the structure the material provided really creates a confidence and magic for students to follow her steps in the magical world of Sound Healing. Maria really plants these seeds to blossom and for us to continue to share what we have learned. The course is so much more than playing an instrument- Maria really wakes up in you that inner fire, strength each individual students true magic and power.

    The course is very thorough a lot of information, material that goes really deep into the roots of the instruments and the power they hold, deep into the body, emotions and also the power we hold as Sound Healers.

    Maria Lodetoft really has created a beautiful journey sharing all her wisdom and all her knowledge, I HIGHLY recommend not only Sound Healing Training (it is just the best) but also any training that she offers will be a blessing and an honour to attend and learn.

  • Pernilla

    The sound healing facilitator course has exceeded all my expectations. I can highly recommend it. Maria is an amazing teacher; kind, supportive and professional. She has so much knowledge and a very generous heart. We were lucky to have Jessica as assisting teacher too, she brought so much inspiration and wisdom guiding us through the course.

    The course was jam packed with in depth learning, self healing and connection. Different learning styles were included; homework, group work, discussions, sound bath healing experiences and own practice. A wide range of instruments were available for us to try, which was super valuable. I really appreciated that we had lots of hands on practice of real scenarios holding several sound baths for groups and 1-1 healing sessions together. It was a fantastic way to deepen the experience gained and building confidence. A truly magical journey, with a lovely community. Thank you so much. With love.

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