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College of Sound Healing


Drum Healing, Gong Practitioner Training, Singing Bowls, Sound Bath, Sound Healing, Sound Therapy Voicework and Sound Therapy



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  • Simon Heather Listing Owner

    “A wonderful experience covering all the necessary tools a person needs to become a sound healing practitioner. The emphasis is on the practical side which for me was so important as to be a practitioner one needs to learn how to ‘practice’. It was a year of enlightenment!” – Alexandra

  • Simon Heather Listing Owner

    Alison – “Good pace; exercises were clear and we were given the space to explore and experience them.”

  • Simon Heather Listing Owner

    Alan – “The course enabled me to develop a new sense of purpose and confidence in establishing myself as a sound healer which has expanded in a remarkable way.”

  • Simon Heather Listing Owner

    Beulah – “The weekend of Part 2 was amazing for me and I was ready for the practical sessions. The group was really fantastic I feel very blessed; we all really connected and respected each other and I really was able to learn from them too.”

  • Simon Heather Listing Owner

    Emma: “Lovely, brilliant, enlightening, yummy, tasty, fulfilling, kind, loving, I am smiling, I have learnt and I am coming back.”

  • Simon Heather Listing Owner

    Helena – “The course has been hugely beneficial, connecting with my voice, a connection I lost a while back but now I’m re-establishing my connection. Plus it’s the connection to the authentic voice. What a journey I feel very blessed. The link I’ve been missing that the journey is now under way!”

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