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1 review
  • Stuart Morris Listing Owner

    “This Stress management course is life changing. So many light-bulb moments, I would highly recommend this to anyone who either wants to manage their stress or support others managing their stress, or both. Wonderful content, great teaching, lots of learning. I truly believe I can make the changes I need to better my life, I now trust and have the hope to make that happen”


    “I knew when I decided to come on this course, it was going to take me in a new direction! But little did I know to what level. Stuart, you have given me a gift that I have no words to describe. The profound , freedom and love I now feel for myself has blown me away”


    “The course has been absolutely amazing! I loved the tools we’ve been taught; the resources and manual are really comprehensive. Every step has given me a new understanding of myself of how to support others and a tool kit to find a method to suit everyone I work with in the future. We’ve had plenty of opportunities to practice going forward. The teaching clear, methodical and illuminating. Stuart’s easy-going mannerism and the truly magical visualisation’s and meditations have cleared blocks that have limited me for years. The best Gift I’ve given myself ever! “
    The Stress Management Diploma Course is the best course ever!!,
    I had an amazing experience I did not realise I was lost until I attended this course. Now that I am found, I have never been happier. The techniques that Stuart and Lorna taunt are transferable and can be adapted to suit the client. You cannot heal others until you have healed yourself internally. ” Be warned it is an emotional journey but the outcome is worth it and life-changing, ” I am courage”. By AW 2020
    “This course ticked so many boxes, good and varied course content, personal and professional awareness of using newly learnt skills – a very interactive course. Highly recommended”J Nolan
    Birmingham Holistic Centre is like no place I’ve ever been , it’s truly magical and I think that’s down to both of you .. your energy and passion and knowledge is absolutely endless and the way in which you both delivered the Stress Management Course was fantastic and I will be taking the many skills I’ve developed with your patience and guidance and incorporate them in my personal life and also professionally , we covered so much it was overwhelming at times but in a good way “Thankyou so much, Much love ,Lisa xx
    This Course was amazing, thank you to Stuart I have really learned some amazing techniques to help me change the negative things in my life’ TD
    “I really enjoyed the course, it was so informative as well as personally helping me to see where I can make changes in my own life. There were so many wonderful sections like the film, the massage, the meditations,”Thank you’ AS
    I thoroughly enjoyed this was informative and constructive with a ‘duty of care’ to client’ Indra
    An absolutely fantastic course. Gives a wonderful approach to managing stress, I will certainly be integrating many if not all of the steps/exercises into my own practise. I enjoyed the course throughout, both trainers were first class and the pace was set just right. It was intensive but very rewarding….highly recommended” RB
    I have thoroughly enjoyed and feel this course was beneficial from a personal perspective, it will be very helpful in my workplace and I can’t wait to help others…Lorna and Stuart were wonderful thank you”A Truran
    Very in-depth course with a great group, most enjoyable’ Stuart was great to work with,he has an in-depth knowledge and experience”Tony
    “Revolutionary-a whole new fantastic approach to helping clients thank you, brilliant teachers, really relaxed”RC
    “A fantastic course, thank you, really enjoyed it” fantastic teachers Stuart and Lorna’ JA
    “Absolutely fantastic and I’ve learned so much” – Aine
    “I believe this course chooses the person, the student, each and every one of us. You will just “know” that this course is for you and will grow in ways that you never imagined throughout the course and beyond”. – Lakshimia
    “I’m excited by life” – Chris
    “Truly amazing course, highly recommend to everyone, I have made new friends who have become more like family. It has allowed me to find peace and growth in my world, I can now tap into my own little piece of heaven each and every day”. – Julie
    “This experience has been life-changing” – Natalie
    “An incredible journey, an emotional and connectivity to spirit along with receiving healing whilst learning, I feel fulfilled on all levels” Lisa
    “I don’t have the words to thank you enough” Gabriella
    I’ve enjoyed every second of Harry’s teachings, great handout books, and teachings in a heaven-on-earth center, filled with your love, and experience of a true spiritual essence. The journey is much more than I can put into words. Thank you a million times over ” – Jo
    “Thank you for this amazing opportunity, you teach me how to love myself” Sam
    “Just the most inspirational thing I have ever done, I’ve laughed, cried, reflected, and with the most beautiful people. You have taught me how to love myself and brought me a new way of seeing and being in my life, I am so grateful” – Karen
    “When I didn’t know who to turn to and where to go, I found Harry I am grateful” D
    “The course was full of insightful teachings, I have felt and shared some of the most intense, meaningful emotions of my life with a group of beautiful people. Thank you for leading us through days of deep transformation and discovery. I loved the sense of family, even outside the meeting times included with wisdom were sincere loving connections” Adam
    “What a joy to see the meeting of kindred spirits” – Rachelle

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