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Scenar Therapy

Scenar Therapy
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What is Scenar Therapy?

Scenar Therapy is a form of bio-energy medicine invented by Russian scientists and medical doctors for self-treatment by astronauts. The Scenar device (Self-Controlled Neuro-Adaptive Regulator) sets up a two-way communication with the nervous system encouraging it to redirect its activity towards areas of weakness in the body.

Main Uses

In the UK, Scenar therapy is licensed for pain relief, but experience suggests that the effect is truly holistic. This is because the brain itself initiates the healing process in a way most suitable to the organism.

Scenar therapy can be applied in cases of muscular pain, tension and spasm; joint pain and rigidity; inflammation; sciatica; backache; unexplained pain; headache and migraine; all digestive complaints; all complaints of the respiratory system; all complaints of the urinary and reproductive systems; and in cases of cardiovascular and nervous system diseases. Additionally, Scenar therapy may be used to accelerate recovery from strenuous exercise and operations, and for beauty therapy. Scenar Therapy is one of the most modern scientific forms of treatment. It can be combined effectively with Nutritional Medicine in order to empower the body to heal itself on the physical, mental, and emotional level.


Scenar treatment cannot be given to people who are fitted with a heart pacemaker.

What to Expect when you Visit a Therapist

As the Scenar device comes into contact with the skin, a tingling sensation is felt. The strength of the sensation depends on several factors, such as individual sensitivity, skin type, and acute or chronic nature of the condition. As with all forms of complementary medicine healing reactions may occur after treatment. These are seen as beneficial as they signify an elimination of toxic energy from the body. All efforts will be made to keep these reactions within comfortable limits. The area to be treated has to be shaved to enable the Scenar to come into close contact with the skin. The Therapist will advise the client at the point of booking the appointment which areas need to be shaved.

For best results, it is advisable not to bathe or shower for two hours before and after treatment, as Scenar therapy works with the special information contained in the substances found on the skin. Alcohol and recreational drugs block the brain’s ability to process information and should therefore not be used 24 hrs before and after treatment.

The length of an individual Scenar treatment session is 40 minutes. The frequency of Scenar treatment will be adjusted to the special circumstances of the client, but treatments should take place at least once per week.

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