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Electro-homeopathy is the only homeopathic medical system that draws all its remedies from plants.

This document provides general information of what to expect when you visit a therapist, and a general theory behind how the discipline works. It must be noted, however, that every therapist works in an individual way, and may subscribe to slightly different theories on how the discipline works. It is always advised that you ask to see relevant qualifications and discuss the treatment offered to you by the practitioner if you are in any doubt whatsoever.

What is Electro-Homeopathy?

Electro-Homeopathy is a system of medicines used to treat a variety of illnesses and ailments. The principle of Electro-homeopathy is that when disease occurs in the body there is more than one of the organs involved or affected by the condition, this is because the whole body is interconnected and is also very complex. Therefore, it is thought that the body needs a medicine that is both natural but complex too, hence the use of medicine made from plants.

Electro-Homeopathy works according to the belief that there are two vital fluids present in the human body; the lymph and the blood. Practitioners believe that any blockages in the lymph or blood cause disease. It is thought that Electro-Homeopathic medicines can regulate the lymph and blood.

Main uses

All illnesses acute and chronic; skin diseases or disorders, arthritis, asthma, female conditions, migraine.

What to expect when you visit a therapist

You will be asked questions relating to your medical history and perhaps that of your immediate family. Lifestyle questions, such as stress levels, diet, exercise regimes, and sleep patterns will be asked to ensure that an holistic approach is taken. Your own expectations of the treatment and what you hope the therapy will achieve will also be discussed.

It is thought that humans develop different temperaments; lymphatic, sanguine, and mixed or nervous temperaments. Each specific temperament will show some specific symptoms, and it is the temperament that you fall under that will be assessed. The disease or condition you are displaying will also indicate what medicines should be taken. You will need to take the medicines, which come in the form of pill and liquid form, for between 3 to 6 months. After 3 months you will be asked to attend another consultation when your prescription may change. All the medicines used are extracted from non-poisonous plants and are complex in nature. There are 114 plants used to make up a total of 60 remedies. 

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