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Electro-Crystal Therapy

Electro-Crystal Therapy
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What is Electro-Crystal Therapy?

This form of therapy involves the pulsing of electrical signals through crystals in order to greatly amplify their powers of healing. Electro-Crystal Therapy, including the diagnostic techniques used, was pioneered by a British scientist, Mr Harry Oldfield, more than 20 years ago.

This followed on from work performed on resonance by Einstein, Tesla, and Lakhovsky; the original energy photography accredited to a Russian couple, the Kirlians; and the knowledge of chakras, energy fields, and flows known to man for thousands of years, particularly the Chinese. Yes, modern Western technology combined with ancient Eastern knowledge!

What form does the treatment take?

A tube of crystals is placed over the area(s) to be treated, i.e., the site, the chakra, or the meridian, and then the healing qualities of the crystals are magnified thousands of times by pulsing particular electrical signals through them.

No electricity is wired into your body.

What are you trying to heal?

The practitioner is aiming to improve both the symptoms AND the underlying cause of your problem.

This will involve the treatment of the local area (for example to reduce the swelling or inflammation caused by a sports injury, or arthritis), plus the energy field related to that area in order to achieve a harmony for longer term improvement in your health.

In addition, the practitioner will take into account other factors from the diagnosis and may treat other aspects of your body that are not directly related to your symptoms.

This is aimed at achieving a longer term improvement in your health. This can take many forms, but one example would be a boost to the body’s immune system to help it to fight illnesses, particularly in cases such as treating myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome (ME / CFS).

Practitioners of Electro-Crystal Therapy report success in treating many conditions including:



Back strain

Chronic conditions

Eye strain

Fatigue / tiredness

Gastro-intestinal problems

General aches and pains



Menopausal imbalances

Menstrual problems (see also Menorrhagia and Dysmenorrhea)



Neck pain

Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)

Shoulder pain

Stress relief

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