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Citrine – Crystal Healing

Citrine Crystal Healing
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Citrine – Crystal Healing

This crystal’s name derives from ‘citron’, the French word for lemon.

Colour and description

Palest yellow to deep amber; its iron content is responsible for its colour. Citrine is a variety of transparent quartz. It is sometimes confused with topaz, hence the other names it is known by. It can permanently change colour if left in the sunlight or near heat sources, so be sure to keep it in a dark place when not using it. It also scratches easily, so take care when wearing citrine; do not bump it against anything hard. It is possible to get a stone that is both amethyst and citrine combined, called ametrine.

Other names: Yellow topaz, Spanish topaz, quartz topaz.

Where is it found

Madagascar and Brazil.

Hardness: 7

(Talc is the softest at number 1 and diamond the hardest at number 10.)

Structure: Trigonal crystalline.


Crystal healers use citrine for the following conditions:

Detoxifier: Citrine is believed to cleanse toxins from the body.

Digestive system: It helps eliminate toxins and aid digestion.

Other uses: Diabetes, depression. Citrine is a symbol of hope, youth, health, and fidelity. It is said to bring wealth and success to a business, so put a piece next to the cash register, or put it in your purse or wallet.

Element: Earth

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