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How To Use The CMA Logo

How to make the best use of The CMA logo

We know that all our Members are excited about displaying The CMA logo – it is recognised globally and is really is a valuable ‘seal’ that truly demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to excellence.  

In order to make the best use of The CMA logo, we want to give you these handy tips – and we’ll also explain who is entitled to use the logo, where and how this should be done.

Understanding the Permitted Use of The CMA Logo by Members

If you’re exploring the world of complementary medicine or are already a part of our growing community, understanding the nuances of using The Complementary Medical Association’s (The CMA) logo is essential. As an aspiring or existing Member of The CMA, it’s important to recognise how the logo represents not just a symbol, but a dedication to excellence, trust, and professional integrity in the field of complementary medicine.

The Significance of The CMA Logo

The CMA logo is our globally recognised trademark, symbolising the highest standards in complementary medicine. It’s a badge of honour for practitioners and institutions alike, reflecting adherence to the rigorous standards set by The CMA. The logo serves as a beacon for clients seeking trusted and professional complementary healthcare. It is also sought out by Students who are looking for CMA registered Training Schools.

Guidelines for Using The CMA Logo

As a Member of The CMA, you are welcomed into a respected circle of professionals. Here’s how you can use The CMA logo to enhance your professional presence:

1. Exclusive Use by Members: The CMA logo is exclusively available for use by registered Members. This ensures that the logo remains a trusted mark of quality and professionalism.

2. Promoting Your Affiliation: Proudly display the logo on your website, business cards, and promotional materials. This not only enhances your professional image but also reassures clients of your commitment to excellence.

3. Maintaining Integrity: It’s crucial to use the logo in a manner that maintains its integrity. This means no alterations in design, colour, or aspect ratio. The logo should always be used in a way that is respectful and upholds The CMA’s reputation.

4. Visibility and Accessibility: Ensure that the logo is placed prominently on your materials, making it easily visible to clients. This helps in reinforcing your association with The CMA’s high standards.

5. Digital Use: In our digital age, using the logo on your website and social media profiles is a powerful way to communicate your Membership. It’s a digital badge that instantly connects you with the values and trust embodied by The CMA.

6. Adhering to Guidelines: Always adhere to the specific guidelines provided by The CMA regarding the logo’s use. This includes size specifications, colour schemes, and placement rules.

Benefits of Using The CMA Logo

Using The CMA logo comes with a multitude of benefits:

Enhanced Credibility: It instantly boosts your credibility, showing that you are part of a globally recognised professional body.

Client Trust: Clients are more likely to trust and choose practitioners who are associated with a reputable organisation like The CMA.

Training School Growth: Prospective Students recognise that The CMA logo is a trusted kite mark and as such, they are more attracted to Schools that proudly and prominently display The CMA logo.

CMA Approved Suppliers: The CMA logo indicates that The CMA has approved your company as you have a demonstrable commitment to developing the profession, delivering only the finest products and services, and are dedicated to excellence in all you do.

Professional Pride: Displaying the logo is a matter of pride, showcasing your commitment to professional growth and excellence in complementary medicine.

The CMA logo may not be used:

On products or packaging at all – this requires a separate license.  Please contact us at [email protected] or +44 (0)800 841 1066 to discuss how to set up an on-product license.

By non-Members under any circumstances. If a person or organisation leaves The CMA or has never been a Member, use of the logo is strictly forbidden.  Unauthorised use of the logo is illegal, and it is protected under Trademark law, globally.

If in any doubt about how to use the logo and whether you are authorised to do so, please contact us to discuss the situation – we are here to help.

Joining The CMA Family

If you’re not yet a member but are considering joining The CMA, the use of the logo is just one of the many benefits you’ll enjoy. Being part of The CMA means being part of a global community that is dedicated to the highest standards in complementary medicine. Your journey towards professional recognition and client trust starts here.


As a Member of The CMA, the logo is a symbol of your dedication and professionalism. It’s a tool that not only enhances your professional image but also plays a crucial role in building trust within the community of complementary medicine practitioners and clients. Use it wisely and proudly, as you continue to make a positive impact in the world of health and wellness.

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