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Huge Membership Benefits for CMA Registered Clinics, Spas and Retreats

We have many top Natural Healthcare Clinics, Spas and Retreats registered with The CMA and we appreciate their support. CMA Natural Healthcare Clinics, Spas and Retreats are those offer only the very best natural healthcare.


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What CMA Membership benefits will I receive as a CMA Registered Natural Healthcare Clinic, Spa or Retreat?

There’s never been a better time to join your professional colleagues in The CMA.

Look at these superb new benefits for all CMA Registered Natural Healthcare Clinics, Spas and Retreats:


The CMA is dedicated to supporting YOUR Natural Healthcare Clinic, Spa or Retreat – as a centre of excellence for providing access to Complementary Medical and Natural Health Care therapies – in this whole process.

  •  As mentioned above, as a CMA Registered Natural Healthcare Clinic, Spa or Retreat, you will have your own page within the site – where you can add all your details.
  • As a CMA Registered natural health business, your details will be highlighted when a potential client actively searches for CMA Registered Natural Healthcare Clinics, Spas and Retreats anywhere in the world. This very clever state-of-the-art search facility allows for a variety of searches: by discipline, radius, Post Code/Zip Code and by Country. The CMA has invested heavily in creating this unique search facility to dramatically increase your visibility to potential clients that are ideal for you

The CMA website builds on our reputation for bringing the latest scientific research on every aspect of Complementary and, where relevant, Conventional Medicine from around the world to all interested parties, through our monthly e-Newsletter services.

As you can see the CMA website has the latest news stories from the fields of Natural Healthcare updated throughout the day, each and every day of the year. Anyone who is interested in what Complementary Medicine and Natural Healthcare can do for them – and their clients, will want to visit the site regularly. It’s a site that your potential new clients – and existing clients - will be visiting regularly.

  1.  Our monthly e-Newsletter for Practitioners, Students, Potential Students and CMA Approved Suppliers goes to around 400 health journalists and reporters worldwide, including TV/Radio presenters and production companies – as well as to thousands of practitioners across the globe.

This publication always includes news coverage of the latest research from around the world on effective, proven therapies – and all this ‘latest news’ is backed by up-to-the-minute research data from the world’s leading universities.


CMA Registered Natural Healthcare Clinics, Spas and Retreats Fees

CMA Natural Healthcare Clinic, Spa and Retreat Membership is payable in two ways; yearly OR monthly - to assist you with your budgets.

  • Pay a year in advance for just £996 (+£29.88 Paypal fee. Total to pay: £1025.88)
  • Pay monthly for just £91 (+£2.73 Paypal fee. Total to pay: £93.73 per month)

Registering your practitioners

Once your business has been accepted for Membership of this highly prestigious Association, you may submit details of your practitioners.

We will provide you with individual certificates for each practitioner for you to display in your reception area – which proves that your employees are registered properly as working at your business.

The fee for individual practitioner/therapist registration is £150 which will need to be renewed annually.



Members of The Complementary Medical Association have always benefited from the prestige of belonging to The Complementary Medical Association. CMA Registered Natural Healthcare Clinics, Spas and Retreats are recognised by the public, as being the best when it comes to receiving excellent treatment.

Together We Are Stronger

If you are a professionally set up, top Complementary Medical and Natural Healthcare Natural Healthcare Clinic, Spa or Retreat, we would welcome YOUR support in helping us to represent, protect and promote your business.

As well as fighting off attacks on our profession – from whatever source – we also seek to actively and publicly promote the positive, successful face of Complementary Medicine and Natural Health Care – as practiced by some of the top professional practitioners in the world and offered by some of the very best Natural Healthcare Clinics, Spas and Retreats – like yours.

So, while you might not see it as Your No.1 benefit – and reason for joining The CMA – we see the top benefit of joining The CMA as being able to join together with other totally committed professional Complementary Medical and Natural Health Care Natural Healthcare Clinics, Spas and Retreats, colleges and practitioners in one focused, powerful body.

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Gain The Prestige of Belonging to The Complementary Medical Association

The Complementary Medical Association is not only the world’s leading multi-disciplinary Membership organisation for top, fully qualified practitioners, it is also the home for top Natural Healthcare Clinics, Spas and Retreats in this field.

At The CMA, we are dedicated to representing, promoting and supporting Natural Healthcare Clinics, Spas and Retreats who are serious about their business and who are brilliant at providing excellent treatments to clients to ensure you help them achieve their optimal health.

We know that our Natural Healthcare Clinic, Spa and Retreat Registered Members are deeply concerned about public attacks on the practices and therapies that they are providing.

Typically, Natural Healthcare Clinics, Spas and Retreats register with The CMA as they know how important it is to align with an organisation that is actively spreading the word about how the therapies they offer and the practitioners they employ – benefit everyone’s health and wellbeing in a positive fashion.

We only accept Natural Healthcare Clinics, Spas and Retreats who can prove the excellence of the programmes they offer.


Join The Complementary Medical Association Today and Take Full Advantage of All the Unique Membership Benefits to Help You Grow and Expand Your Successful, Professional Natural Healthcare Clinics, Spas and Retreats


Continue to be an even more vital part of Today’s Complementary Medical and Natural Health Scene

The Complementary Medical Association is at the forefront in defending your profession and in standing up for your interests as a Natural Healthcare Clinics, Spas and Retreats offering services in the UK, USA, Australia and now Globally - today. We put out positive PR messages about the undoubted success and effectiveness of a range of therapies on a regular and continuous basis. In the current climate where ‘testimonials’ are under threat, The CMA will continue to recommend key approaches to remove this threat, negotiate with the relevant bodies involved, so that you can get on with doing what you do best, and continue to be able to attract new patients/ clients. In recent years we have been at the forefront in helping to ward off the well-funded attacks on various branches of Complementary Medicine and to take a leading role against the almost fanatical 'Spin Campaigns' coming from certain so-called ‘scientists’.

We have ‘testified’ before the USA's White House Commission on Complementary and Integrative Medical matters.

We have consulted with governments on their national health programmes, e.g. Bulgaria, and we are in touch with the development of all forms of Complementary Medicine across the globe, from Switzerland to Iran and Iraq, from Australia and New Zealand to Italy and India, from the USA and Canada to Ireland and Sweden, from Germany and the Netherlands to China and Egypt – and right around the world.  

We need your support to help us to continue and build upon this spread of the positive, health-giving, messages about Complementary Medicine and Natural Health Care today. So, do, please JOIN The Complementary Medical Association and show YOUR SUPPORT in helping to develop a much more positive approach to Health Care today.?

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The SMALL print . . .

We are including this information as we are required to do so:

1. Very important - when you join The CMA and sign up either online on this site - or (coming very soon) by using your card, we want you to know that we do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties. 

2. Payment Flow and Delivery Policy - As soon as your information is received and processed by The CMA and your payment taken, your Membership will come into effect immediately.  Your details will go live on our site and your physical Membership package will be posted out to you within three working days.

3. Refund / Cancellation Policy - Due to the costs that we incur 'up-front' (issuing certification, assessing your application, verifying your information, setting your pages up on The CMA website, your valuable Membership pack and more!), we only offer refunds for any monies paid after the first three months. In the unlikely event that you wish to cancel your Membership with The CMA, you will need to cancel your payment method at your end - whether it is by bank, PayPal or by card, as of course we are unable to access that information and action it on your behalf.  We also request that you email us to notify us of your cancellation so that we can promptly remove your details for the site. 

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