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Susan Collins

In today’s busy world while trying to meet the demands of society, people often forget that they too have physical, mental and emotional needs and the result is that they become tense, irritable and unwell. The aim of Peaceful Soul is to support you as you experience therapies which help you to begin to feel better. I will bring all of me, who I am, my experiences and training, to your therapy session; then together we can help you to materialise a sense of ‘inner calm’ and achieve the goals that you want for yourself.

I’m enthusiastic about people having a sense of well-being, in fact your well-being is at the heart of our work together. Whichever therapy you choose I promise you unconditional acceptance regardless of who you are, where you’re from, or what you believe. Furthermore I offer you a safe and comfortable setting in which we will work together to help you feel better.

Life Coaching is particularly useful to help you to develop the confidence you need to reach your chosen goals.

On the other hand, Counselling supports you when you ‘don’t feel well’ and when your life experiences are impacting on your ‘here and now’ life. Safely explore your experiences and emotions in a supportive relationship enabling you to make connections and gain understanding. This will aid your return to health and wellbeing.

When taking the opportunity to relax a person opens the potential for greater ‘ease’ which in turn strengthens their own sense of Being and being well. Reiki and Massage offer relaxation by the bucket load.

A few of the potential benefits of these holistic ‘talking, guiding and touch’ therapies are:

  • Friendships and relationships may improve.
  • You may feel less exhausted.
  • You may have fewer unexplained aches and pains.
  • You may feel able to laugh and smile more.
  • Difficulties may instead become challenges which may be easier to overcome or to deal with.




I am enthusiastic about people being able to have a sense of wellbeing and to feel connected to themselves.

I have experienced deep relaxation through therpay myself and now, through through Peaceful Soul I'd like to offer you a similar opportunity to reconnect with you.

Call me and take time to relax and 'find yourself'.


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