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Steve Wood

Hi thanks for dropping by. 

My name is Steve Wood, I am a Master Practioner, in NLP & Hypnotherapy. I am also a Funeral Celebrant, I love meeting people & learning new skills, and projects. I specialise in Conflict Management being a level 3 Btech Instructor. In my spare time I teach self defence, again to level three in Btech, I can issue Btech certificates.  

I specialise in assisting people who have conflict in their lives, with things like alcohol issues,  or confidence, and weigt loss. I am more than happy to have a chat to discuss the issues you may have, We will work together to build a better future for you, one that you will look forward to living and not just exsisting.

Having run three sucessful business over the last 30 years, if you are in business and need coaching then please do give me a call, and yes I have had to rebuild as well so I know what it is like to lose it all and have to start again.

Looking forward to speaking with you.




I have always believed in the power of the mind, and the fact that we do not open ourselves up to live the full potential that is available to all of us. After all heaven & hell is within each of us. Why should you live half a life when your full potenial can be realised. whether it be personal or work issues, I can assist you in these area.

I have built three successful businesses over 30 years so fully understand the pressures that running your own business does to you, My businesses are still running, but these days I am very lucky, as I can now be sort of semi-retired. I have also worked in a lot of conflict areas, therefore can teach you how to deal woth conflict, my life has been called colourful and it certainly has never been normal from the moment I left school I have never had a job I disliked.

That being said I now find myself in a very lucky position that the businesses are now run by excellent family & staff,  I find these days I get in


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