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                                                'TOLLE CAUSAM'

                                      (Identify and treat the cause)

The clinic, which has been established by a retired GP, is located in Finchley, North london.

Vegatesting is a branch of integrative naturopathic medicine so that its aim is to promote natural healing. The technology is based on electronic bioresonance and electroacupuncture (see main website- With vegatesting, the practitioner identifies the causes of health deterioration and selects naturopathic treatments from extensive ranges of modern homeopathic, nutritional and herbal preparations. The technology is also used to identify allergies and poorly tolerated foods.

Causes of ill health include any type of stress (physical, emotional and chemical), chronic infections, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, dental mercury poisoning, urban and industrial pollution, an over acidic biological terrain, geopathic stress (earth radiation), electromagnetic pollution and pathogenic intestinal microflora (dysbiosis).

Most people who attend here have chronic  health problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune conditions, migraine, dermatitis, feel run down or seek a general health check up.

Telephone enquiries are welcome (07717833702), but please look at the main website - first. A good time to phone is generally between 5 and 6.30 pm.

Email enquiries:

Cost. Initial consultation: £200 (about 2 hours). 

         Follow up: £150.

The cost of medication is not included.

The clinic is not equipped to accept credit cards and is closed at wekends.


While working as a GP in an NHS practice back in 1982, a patient with malignant hypertension (uncontrollably high blood pressure) joined my practice. I referred him to  several top consultants, who precsribed treatment with unpleasant side effects that failed to control his high blood pressure. He was eventually helped by a medically qualified vegatester, who treated hom for dental mercury poisoning.

Currently in 2017, aged 85, he is still in reasonable health. Since then, I have been on several courses on vegatesting and gained an honours diploma in complementary medicine. In retirement, I am practicing non-suppressive integrative medicine, which entails identifying and treating the underlying causes of health deterioration as well as aleviating symptoms (see Treatment is entirely naturopathic (see 


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