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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Stephanie Molenaar

Sleepexpert and -coach for young children and their parents and for various Dutch media.

Founder of the 'perfect little sleeper' (Droomritme) Method, developped with healthcare professionals and parents and proven effective for over a decade.This method is holistic, responsive and no-cry.

Trainer of baby- en child sleepcoaches, conform this method. (A list of coaches is included on the website)

Speaker, in-company workshops and training (to embed method into organisations, like daycare centres)

Author (bestselling, +10 books)

Babywhisperer, healer

Background and training in nutritition, 'energy work', child development, business, aromatherapy and ofcourse sleep (graduated with distinction). 

The sleepmethod is unique and focusses on all aspects of sleep, which goes beyond sleep on its own. All causes of excessive crying or troublesome sleep are looked into, next to parenting style, sleephygiene, responsiveness, 'attachment parenting', (breast)feeding, babycarrying, attachment. The hands-on personalised plan takes the develemental milestones in view, but alsof those milestones in attachment and sleep. Making an approach matching baby's personal development, biological clocks and more and resulting in both more quality and quantity of sleep, accomplished through small, responsive steps (no-cry). Suitable for children 0-4 years. 

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