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Sonia O'Donnell

Sonia O'Donnell LCPH FCMA: Clinical Director NTA Health

Sonia has been a qualified Homeopath and Bio-resonance practitioner since completing her training under Robert Davidson at The College of Practical Homeopathy in 2001. She is also the technical advisor for Natures Wisdom UK who supply natural herbal and nutrient supports.

Also trained in naturopathic diagnostics, supports and nutrition, during her time in practice Sonia  has developed a system of naturopathic Health Assessments and has trained many other Homeopaths to work in this way. The system is a unique combination of naturopathic diagnostic techniques and combined naturopathic treatment that combines homeopathy, herbal medicines and food state nutrients. 

Sonia has extensive experience in working with chronic and complex illnesses, including with people who have ME, CFS and chronic Lyme disease diagnoses, as well as many children on the autistic spectrum. She has also lectured at Homeopathy Colleges and Conferences, teaching about the integration of different modalities of treatment and supporting clients with chronic illness.

Currently focusing on providing NTA’s chronic illness programme as well as training in ART and biological protocols with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, Sonia is also studying for an MSc in Transforming Integrated Health and social care and is passionate about finding better ways for people with chronic illness to access better medical care.

Sonia explains why she chose to become a practitioner:

“Like most people driven to work in alternative healthcare, I had an invisible illness myself a long time ago. Frequent tonsillitis episodes as a child turned into glandular fever in my teens and the boom and bust roller coaster of chronic fatigue started from there. 

I remember my GP telling me he thought I had “Yuppy Flu” and there was nothing anyone could do to help me. When I had energy, I quickly burned it up and when I didn’t then I couldn’t even lift my arm to brush my hair. 

It was brutal, there was no known cure and my life was on hold. 

A lovely friend suggested Homeopathic treatment - I had no idea what it was, but nothing at all to lose. Probably because my illness had started with just a viral infection, I was incredibly lucky and recovered. As corny as it is, I felt like the movie I was living in black and white had suddenly become colour again. 

Since that time, I’ve been on a mission to help other people turn their lives back to colour. 

It’s been my privilege to learn how to do that from incredible teachers and then to learn again from the many clients I’ve worked with. This had led to the incorporation of herbal antimicrobial medicines, nutritional and other naturopathic supports that are needed for some patients with chronic illness that may be driven by chronic infections”.

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