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Sherise Reid

Hello and welcome,

As well as being a conscious mother of 2, I am a Spiritual Counsellor, Conscious Parenting expert, healer and teacher.

I have also always been highly intuitive and empathic with the ability to see people as they are and to support them in finding ways to heal. 

The heart of my work is Conscious Living, both for individuals and for parents (Conscious Parenting).

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and my aim is to support you in dismantling all the barriers that stop you from living the greatest expression of yourself. To nurture and support. To hold space. And to use my knowledge, experience and wisdom to further support the initiation of you seeing and being your divine self. Offering tools for your soul kit which you can utilise on your journey.

Considering all of who you are as a process, using traditional talking-based therapy that integrates energy healing approaches to facilitate multi-level change.

Leading you from my heart centre, back to yours.


My story is one of survival and rising from the ashes.

Issues such as violence, abuse, trauma, addiction, co-dependency, sexism and racism. Being raised in a culture where children should be seen and not heard. Where my thoughts and feelings about the world were invalidated, overlooked or dismissed. Where my rights as a young girl, young woman and a woman of colour, were non-existent.

My healing journey has not by any means been linear.

What has been invaluable to me, is access to spaces where I can share my story, reflect, learn and heal. Where I could be vulnerable and held in a loving supportive way. 

We all have a story. We have the right to be seen and heard.

We need space


What people say


The sessions for me unearthed a lot of different areas within me whether 'past' or 'habits', which were not always comfortable but Sherise and the sessions have taught me to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Welcoming my truth and never forgetting the power I hold within my own life, I had the belief others had the power over my existence pretty much. The most impactful discovery for me was how some old habits were of such detriment to myself, when I thought I was just 'protecting' myself..... imagine I basically was stunting my own personal growth before anyone else had the chance too. That really hit home for me, why would I do such a thing to my own self?? Since, my whole mindset continues to grow, I have even taken trips back into the past to seek where I can take accountability and put the 'victim' mindset to rest.
J Milton


When I started my spiritual counselling sessions with Sherise, I was already working with meditation and enjoyed its benefits. I also had previously been in a more traditional therapy setting and didn’t feel comfortable. For these reasons, I wanted a therapy that combined different perceptions and techniques to resolve problems.

With Sherise’s guidance I was able to address deeply seated abandonment issues with a mix of holistic techniques that helped me manage anxiety and anger. Her approach has helped me to understand and deconstruct feelings or emotions while facing a potential anxiety episode. I would definitely recommend Sherise and her work especially to anyone that with an interest for holistically combining techniques to work, discover and look into themselves.


I would most definitely recommend Sherise’s work...the sessions were great: her knowledge and understanding of spiritual therapy was delivered in such a way I never once felt uncomfortable (even with discussing difficult topics). She was always very welcoming and so supportive. I felt as comfortable with her as if we grew up together, I trusted her with my innermost deep fears and secrets but she never over stepped her professional boundaries.


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