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Shane Pearce

One of my biggest tests in life came from being a Landlord. I got out of it after seven years, though looking back i should have got out after three. I never fully understood what level of responsibility i was taking on. I got myself into a pretty bad situation, but still somehow managed to function. I have a deep understanding of Alcohol & Drug abuse, Depression, Anxiety and Behavioural issues, Mainly because i have been there myself. 

I never quite accepted ADD, ADHD or it's existence, in fact i still think that these 'conditions' are actually gifts and if harnessed the right way, along with creating a system of 'balance' within they would cease to be a problem. I get why Ritalin and Adderral work. I really do, but sometimes we learn that there are other ways to create homeostasis naturally. I closed rooftops down in 2013 and headed to Amsterdam to 'sort' myself out. I got some really strange looks whenever i said this to people and to be fair, i can see why. 

I published my first book 'The Spur of the Moment' in February 2016. I registered the book under biographies and memoirs, but once the book had been through screening it was placed in the catergory of 'Psychology, Testing and Measurement'. It held the Number 1 position for 6-8 weeks, so i get to claim the title of bestelling author, not bad considering i was dragged out of class by my teacher at around 9 years old and put into 'special' classes for English. (The Mary Immaculate School portacabins hidden away from the 'normal' children) to deal with my Dyslexia/Lack of interest in what i was being forced to read in front of the class.

YEARS LATER.,.,.The dyslexic bestselling arthor :-) I started writing about my behaviour... 

I had almost finished my second book, in 2019 and it was planned for publication in February of 2020, but my Mothers Cancer diagnosis in 2018 put everything on hold...Which brings me to why i have ended up on here.

I wanted to understand what was going on with my Mothers cancer and completely immersed myself in study, my methods of learning are different from the mainstream but they work for me, hyper learning is one of the gifts that come with being different and for me the foundation level qualifications pave the way for further education.

While my diplomas only give me a basic understanding of things that i have always denied existed, the diplomas also indicate that i tick every box for; ADD, ADHD, DYSLEXIA, HIGH FUNCTIONING AUTISM and or ASPERGERS.

Currently studying: Addiction Therapy, Apergers Awareness, Psychology, Transpersonal psychology and last but not least, a Metaphysics foundation Diploma.

Offering one to one consultation about the benefits of understanding and working with The Endocannabinoid System and its many benefits to our health and Wellbeing.

I am fascinated with human behaviour and what makes us do what we do. I specialise in behavioural issues especially ADHD, i have struggled for years with avoidance. The ability to harness the use of an extremely active mind is not that difficult to do when you know how. Simple coping mechanisms can be put in place to help - I'm currently writing a white paper on the subject. 

Please do get in touch anytime if i can be of any assistance to you 

Kindest Regards

Shane Gerald Pearce 07971238211








I Practice because:

Bad things happen, when good men stay silent!



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