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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Seema Bhattessa

After 24 years in the frontline of human healthcare as a Pharmacist, I restructured my career and moved into alternative holistic practices for both people and animals. This is a rapidly growing area of self care and is already hugely cost saving to the NHS. My skill mix of both mainstream medicine and holistic health has given me a broader scope of ways to improve healthcare and continues to be a fertile ground for building new bridges between these two disciplines. I provide energy/vibrational therapy to individuals, and while my work is based on many different methods, it is always aimed at addressing the underlying energy imbalances that are the cause of physical, emotional, and mental health problems and issues.

My holistic practices for animals includes Zoopharmacognosy. an animal behavioural science of how wild and free roaming animals maintain and restore their own health by locating, identifying and utilizing nature’s pharmacy (plants, soil minerals et.) I use a “Facilitated” zoopharmacognosy approach with individual animals that have diagnosed health problems of a physical or emotional nature that do not have access to the wild remedies and involves voluntary participation of the animal and allows them to exercise their innate skill away from the wild. Animals select their own remedies, dose, application and duration of treatment with no human direction and propel themselves to a more healthy and balanced state.


 Many of the complementary therapies are ancient practices that are still around today because they work. When delivered professionaly and appropriately, they offer an abundance of health benefits without the side effects often associated with conventional pharmaceuticals.


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