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Sandra Shackleton

Online Kinesiology, Multidimensional Energy Healing.

"Bringing Harmony to your Energy"


As a Health Kinesiology practitioner I access your energy system to identify stressors and gently bring you gently back into balance. Restoring the flow through the subtle bodies, chakras, meridians and physical body.  The rebalanced flow releases the symptoms and allows you to move forward into the health and vitality you deserve.

"Easing your journey to health, well being and inner peace by releasing stress and creating inner harmony, helping you to feel centred, grounded and in sync with life"

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"I have worked with Sandra Shackleton since 2017.  I first contacted her due to several physical difficulties; allergies, bloating, high cholesterol.  At the same time I was aware that she could help me energetically with the process I'm in on my spiritual journey.  She has helped me tremendously.  She is extremely intuitive, but she always checks with me if it resonates with me.  She uses various methods, such as oils and essences, elimination of subconscious belief systems.  Since I do not live in the UK it is amazing the work she does with me online, shifting energies.  I always feel healed and better after our sessions.  I will recommend anyone who asks me to work with her, she is a total blessing for people who are on the spiritual journey; opening up new pathways for development".  M L K.  Norway. Jan 2021.

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"I just wanted to say what remarkable work Sandra has done for myself and my youngest son. Will saw Sandra in her online practice last summer for a severe skin condition for which he was on 5 lots of tablets.  Within two sessions there was a remarkable difference, he ended up having four sessions altogether and to this day his condition has never come back.  A truly remarkable lady".  JP. Harrogate UK 

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"Health Kinesiology turned my life around for the better several years ago.  Having regular sessions of this non invasive method keeps me healthy in body and mind.  Sandra is a skilled practitioner with a vast in-depth knowledge of the body.  I thoroughly endorse both Health Kinesiology and my practitioner Sandra Shackleton". Mrs L G UK

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" I can't thank Sandra enough for all the help, advice and support she has given me over the years.  Whereas before both were restricted, through her excellent practice I am now able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and a wide ranging diet.  I had to have many endoscopies, none of which was helpful and in the end orthodox medicine had no answers.  Thank goodness I found Sandra!  Since then I have not had to trouble the NHS.  There is no way I would trouble them now during COVID but I still need some support, especially at this time.  For me, Sandra provides an essential service.  JC. Harrogate UK

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"From our sessions since starting last year we have worked on so much.  Starting off with identifying what foods I have struggled with has changed so much.  Especially after all these years the specialist have not been able to help.  From further sessions we have delved deeper in to how I feel and manage stress, and how to overcome this.  Without all this work I would not feel as good as I do now.  More so with the lockdown restrictions this has helped so much.

After seeing the differences in myself, work colleagues have also noticed too and asked what's made a huge change?  I've forwarded Sandra's details and hope they can receive the beneficial treatments as I have also.  I have felt so comfortable within the sessions (at Castle Clinic) questionnaires on covid symptoms prior, temperature taken on arrival, sanitise hands on entry and exit, everything clean and fresh, plus PPE worn throughout the sessions.  Everything has been thought of to keep everyone safe".  Danni. Huddersfield UK.

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"I first visited Sandra about 10 years ago.  Not only is she a lovely lady, but sh offered me an alternative therapy which helped both my vertigo and some gut issues!.  I don't understand how she works her magic, but it works for me.  I continue to see her a couple of times a year to keep the service book stamped"!  Mark C.  Harrogate UK

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Health Kinesiology helps me transform the lives of my clients for the better.  By removing emotional, physical trauma and transforming lives.  I have seen remarkable results over the years and have many recommendations from clients to their friends and family.  I am here to help with any and all that life can throw at you.


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