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Sandra Blair

Bio-Energy Healing is a very gentle yet powerful treatment. It requires very little touch and is safe to use on all conditions. The client remains fully clothed but shoes and metal objects are removed. Treatment takes place in seated and standing positions with a variety of hand movements and techniques used around the client to aid the free flow of energy which in turn helps to promote a feeling of well being. Further information from:

Reflexology is a non-intrusive therapy which can be received by anyone at any age. It is based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower legs, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. By applying light pressure to these points the aim is to help the body to restore its balance naturally. Clients remain fully clothed and need only to remove  socks and shoes. Reflexologists work holistically with their clients and aim to work alongside allopathic healthcare to promote well being for their clients. Further information from:


I developed an interest in complementary therapies when family members found them beneficial in the recovery process from longterm health problems. Therefore I felt inspired to complete my reflexology training at the University of Cumbria in June 2011, followed by Michael D'Alton's Diploma in Bio-Energy Healing in June 2012. I have since completed training in several other therapies. This allows me to tailor treatments to each individual's requirements for enhanced welbeing. Full details are available on my website. 

Full membership of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) and membership of The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) allows me to work alongside allopathic treatment to provide an integrated approach to healthcare.



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