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Ruth Phypers

Ruth Phypers BA (Hons) MA (Distinction) Dip. MCMA

Building on her experience in leading-edge technology solutions since 1992, Ruth Phypers combines extensive health and recovery knowledge with Low Level Laser (cold laser) technology to offer a holistic natural health service. Mentored by a pioneer of therapeutic laser (photobiomodulation) in the UK, Ruth is expert in cold laser protocols developed during 40 years of extensive research, which also incorporate traditional acupuncture principles and nutrition.

Ruth’s personal regime involves a daily yoga and meditation practice. She is a third series astanga yoga practitioner and a Buddhist of 16 years. Her recently published book, Dragon King’s Daughter: Adventures of a Sex and Love Addict, combines Buddhist philosophy and practice with a solution for recovery from addiction.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or 'Cold Laser' is used for the treatment of pain relief, deep tissue repair, sports injuries, post-operative healing, prostate, aesthetics (skin), weight control, digestion and addiction. For a comprehensive list of conditions please refer to the Laser Medicine web site.


What people say


For 20 years I experienced hay fever symptoms from tree pollen in March every year - after cold laser treatment I didn't get any symptoms and did not have to take medication. Also cured my under active thyroid in conjunction with other dietary changes and have been free of medication now for 18 months. Thanks Ruth. Anne O'Sullivan.
Anne O'Sullivan


I met Ruth by chance and so pleased that I did! I've always lived with lots of joint pain since I was young, I suppose I'd accepted it at some level because I was tall and people were always telling me that was probably the reason why. I saw various osteopaths and chiropractors, some much better than others and one great guy. But by my early 30s nothing was bringing me relief anymore and I was just pouring money down the drain. I was hopeful when I had my first Laser Medicine session as I'll try anything once but was also prepared for not feeling any better. My knees were in so much pain they would keep me up at night and I'd learned to live with constant neck pain and headaches (which painkillers didn't really touch). That first session was incredible. After all her initial clearing of my system Ruth worked on my head, neck, shoulders, spine, hips and knees. It was quite remarkable-I walked out of there with new knees that didn't feel like my own with no pain whatsoever and completely supple. I also felt clear in my mind and quite at peace. I went back for another 4 or 5 sessions and right now my body, although sometimes with it's niggles, is so so much better, so much so that right now we've stopped sessions. I really didn't think there would be any treatment out there that could help in the way this has and now having full faith in laser medicine I would like to go to Ruth for all sorts of ailments in life that come up as I know the wide range of things it can treat. Thanks a million!!!!
Bonnie Thomson


Anyone with injuries try Laser Medicine. It really helps to clear inflammation & scar tissue. Was struggling with a knee injury for a year & a half and laser medicine has cleared the thick inflammation from behind the knee totally & I have much better range of movement. Slowly getting back into yoga postures I thought I wouldn’t be able to do. I know it sounds wacky but it’s based in science & it works! Helps with soft tissue injuries, post operative care, auto immune conditions...
Eve Khambatta


So thrilled to have been treated by Ruth, massive improvement on my breathing,I have COPD...not to mention the effect on my digestive system. I feel so much lighter and energised...the facial treatment has also made me glow and enjoying all the compliments I am receiving on my appearance.
Lynette Stone


I am amazed and thrilled by the results that I have seen since Ruth starting treating virtually all of me! My varicose veins have all but disappeared, a verruca too. She is also treating my insomnia - so far so good! BUT the really extraordinary results have been on my face - the lines around my eyes and mouth are so much less noticeable, my jawline is tighter and I am constantly told how well I look. I am scared of Botox and fillers but this treatment has worked brilliantly and is non-invasive and pain-free!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Ruth!
Mary Parkinson


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