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Soul Plan Readings and Spiritual Mentoring

What if your life had an overall plan that included your going through your very unique challenges?

What if it could guide you in the direction most likely to help you feel fulfilled?

What if it could reveal to you what your life’s purpose is?

This plan is your Soul Plan

A Soul Plan reading is like the blueprint of your soul – a map to living in peace with yourself and mastering what you came here for. 

According to the Soul Plan reading system, your Soul Plan is the plan for your life that you agreed, along with wise helpers, before incarnating into this life.  It is a way of balancing karma and healing.  If we do not fulfill on our soul plan, we will need to revisit the challenges in future lifetimes until we have balanced the energies.

A Soul Plan reading (also known as Soul Contract or Soul Path Reading) is a profound system of analysis that uncovers the path of the Soul, revealing the potential that each human being brings into this life as well as the challenges they are here to face (to balance karma).  It decodes the lessons, gifts, goals and soul destiny for this life. 

Readings are by Skype, Phone or in-Person in SE23, London, UK.

If you prefer not to book a full session but wish to receive your Soul Plan by email (PDF), then the mini soul plan reading is available to book online.  

For more details:, or if you have any questions feel free to book a free 15-minute phone call with me via this link:

What some clients say:

"I recently had a Soul Contact Reading and came away really surprised at the outcome of this reading, being very sceptical at first I didn’t know what to make of the report, but as we went through the reading I felt as if layers of me were being peeled away. I came away with a deeper and greater understanding of myself and my life purpose. It really helped me to take a good look at my life from a fresh perspective and break away from some of the negative patterns which where so deeply ingrained that alone I could never have recognised them, thanks again Reena for your truthful and objective approach. I’m pleased that I can apply this insightful knowledge to impending life-decisions with added confidence, this is priceless!" - MA, UK.

“Thank you for a very interesting reading! A lot of it really rang true for me, so I was quite impressed.” - Liz Alvis, Natural Health Magazine Oct 09

“I just had my soul plan reading done with Reena and I´m still so surprised about it. It was a fascinating and very helpful experience. Her insights were very helpful,very sensitive and trustful.I highly reccomend this for anyone seeking for answers. Thank you so much for a wonderful reading Reena.” - M, Islandia

“Reena gave me a Soul Plan reading last week. I already knew my soul plan because I had a reading with someone else a year ago, but I felt I needed more guidance on how to transmute my challenges into my greatest strengths and on how I can be more aligned with my soul plan. The reading was very beautiful and insightful! I was blown away by Reena’s wisdom, clarity and warmth. She made me feel completely at ease and answered all the questions I had very clearly and patiently. In addition, she sent me a pdf with a summary of the reading, including some self-help recommendations, so that I can always look back at it when I need it. I now have much more clarity about my soul plan and more confidence on how to move forward. I would highly recommend Reena’s sessions to anyone.” - ET, Netherlands, Dec 2019

There are more testimonials on this page:
I look forward to hearing from you. 

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