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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Penny (Panayiota) Adamopoulos

My name is Penny Adamopoulos and I am Holistic Coach & Mentor, Medical Astrologer, Vibrational Medicine Founder, Journalist & Creative Producer.

I am the Founder of Syn-Demiurgia, which means Co-Creation in Greek. It is an innovation that brings together my personal experience through my awakening journey of consciousness, having as co-creator the eternal life force, the universe. This is how I heal, I coach & I teach people who have decided to transform & heal themselves. 

In addition I have discovered and have formulated a series of vibrational healing products named “Krystallah” to support the public in times of emotional demand.

I am an awaken blue ray starseed twinflame (consciousness awakening) holding the threefold flame and I transmit the blue flame vibration.

I believe the solution to the world as it is today, lies in raising human consciousness. Which means evolving the way people learn, grow, work, and co-create. Inspired by Spirit, I set out to start a new type of healing practice, where I focus on unifying the world (people) and teaching the language of consciousness for transformational state of being - that is the key for human wellness and meaningful life.

Through my social appearances in various professional circles of doctors, therapists, artists & instructors, I have showed that you can be healed mentally, physically and spiritually with the power of the will of the soul and self-knowledge.

As a CMA Fellow I aim to extend CMA and its mission to Greece, along with my international experience in serving the world by serving the ONE.




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