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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Paul Brown

As a accredited and certified Integrated life and wellness coach I work with people just like you and me. I use a number of different coaching tools to support and empower others to develop, achieve and exceed personal and professional goals.

I can help you to:

Clarify you life goals

Motivate you to change your eating habits to develop a healthy eating lifestyle

Plan a career change or excel in the workplace

Adopt a new mentality to getting fit.

Understand anxiety and stress and adopt a positive mental attitude 

Assist with anger management

Become happy and fulfilled at home

There are numerous life issues that I may be able to assist you with, speak to me, lets have a chat that is the only way we can discover whether we can work with each other.

If we do work together I will help you to explore your potential and we will work together to help you to achieve your ambitions. Let's make things happen, by obtaining focus, direction, control  and confidence. Ultimately I want to help you to be happy and live the best life possible.



So why am I a life coach? How has mental illness hindered and helped me?

There have been many trigger points throughout my life which could be held accountable for my mental illness. Losing both my parents through illness, reaching 40 and knowing my father died when he was 46, serving in the police for over 15 years, seeing and dealing with many horrendous situations and incidents and receiving serious injury. Did one thing trigger this episode or was it the culmination of everything coming to a head?

Once I started to recover I knew that to improve I would have to take control of my physical and mental well-being. This would be the best way to control and manage my mental health. Nutrition, mindfulness, fitness, relaxation. These factors helped me, they improved me. I knew then that I wanted to help others. 


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