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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Neil Christey

Neil is a qualified Bio Sound Healing practitioner; he works on a one to one and group basis in West London. Neil is also qualified as a Paws b Mindfulness tutor for children aged 7-11 years old with the Mindfulness in Schools Project, which he teaches in West London. In his spare time, Neil volunteers for community events including facilitating meditation classes, marshalling for running events and performing in international peace concerts. Neil was born in Darlington, Co. Durham and moved to London in 2001 to train in Musical Theatre at the Arts Educational School. Neil's performance career and love of music led him to train in sound therapy to share his love and devotion to the transformative power of sound healing. 



I practise to raise the conscious awareness of the natural, awesome and transformational self-healing potential that we all have within, which comes from happy and lovingful being. 


What people say


As part of a new PGP staff wellbeing initiative, our wonderful school administrator, Mr Neil, held a gong bath last night. The school hall was transformed into a tranquil oasis of peace and calm and for an hour the waves from the crystal bowls, gongs, chimes, tuning forks and drums bathed and soothed those seeking wellbeing and calm. ‘It was such a unique experience,' said Miss Samantha, one of our Year 2 teachers. 'I have never felt such a deep and lasting state of relaxation. Thank you Mr Neil.'- Facebook post 4 June 2019
Samantha Porter - Teacher


I had a wonderful experience recently with a ‘Gong Bath’ with Neil Christey. It opened my eyes to how sound can affect one’s ability to self heal and also to relax and feel refreshed after a session. My energy levels had increased and my symptoms of stress were reduced. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who perhaps would like to meditate to reduce stress but needs a guide through the experience.
Suzie Rendle

Suzie Rendle - Executive PA


Bio sound healing therapy- I have never had this sort of treatment but I was curious. Neil created a very relaxed and safe environment. After a very stressful day I left feeling relaxed, rested and rejuvenated. I had the best sleep that night and the next day I felt brand new again. I will for sure be seeing him again for more treatment.
Alain Terzoli - Actor


For his sound work--encompassing goings, voice, the ocean drum, singing bowls and a host of other instruments -- Neil brings a musical sensibility he has honed over more than twenty years. He draws on an instinct for the power of performance to create tailored sound baths. Afterwards I felt inspired and restored. - Christie
Christie - Educator


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