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What is FDN:

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition FDN  is a whole body approach, using the principles of functional medicine to look for hidden health trends, nutritional deficiencies and healing opporutnities in the body. Think of it as a model to support your body to full optimal health.

Doctors diagnose disease. FDN is the model inbetween disease and self care. Through functional testing we can identify the areas of the body that need natural support. I am not a doctor so I do not diagnose, I work with functional testing to guide supplementation and natrual herbs that can bring you body back into balance. 

Your body is an intelligent being, it knows what to do, your job is to take care of it, so it can take of you. 

Maybe you have unexplained symptoms?

Blood test look normal but your don't feel yourself?

Feeling fatigues, have menstrual cycle issues, or bad menopausal symptoms?

Maybe you have indigestion, bloating, gas, pain, constipation or IBS?

Is your memory not as clear as it used to be, Brainfog, Memory loss, insomnia.

Or your moods are getting you down, or anxious.

Are you sick and tired of being tired?

These are just some of the ways that the body talks to you, telling you, you are out of balance.

Or maybe you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or other illness and what to support you body as best as you can

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition can help. I work with clients in group programmes with individual 1-1 coaching sessions included or through complete 1-1 packages, which include coaching sessions, D.R.E.S.S for health success protocol, lab testing and transformational sessions.

I offer a variety of functional testing, Dutch Testing for Adrenals and Hormones, Adrenal Fatigue, Stool analysis for parasites, bacteria and viruses and other gut imbalance, mitochondrial health, gut issues, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, Sibo, KPU, Iodine and thyroid testing. 

I also run a Brain Health Program which includes two 1-1 coaching sessions. 

If you want to get your physical health in better shape then contact me to see if I can help.

Whole health is not just about the physical, its has an emotional element too:

I hold advanced certification in The Journey Method & Visionary Leadership Coaching along with a handful of other naturual healing certifications inc Transformational Breath.

These therapies can be done in person or over zoom and offer a way to stop the self sabotage, release and recover from past emotional trauma that could be stuck in the body and causing internal stress and genetic expression.  

I work with people virtually over the phone and skype, or in person in various locations in UK. 
I offer a free 15 minute consultation which can be booked here to see if we are a good fit and explain how I may be able to support your journey to optimal health.
Book your free call: using the link below
Or visit my websites: 

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