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Sound Therapy is an energy medicine which uses sound to improve health and well being. It is a “wholing” process, supporting the client in making the mind, body and spirit whole again. It improves many conditions, as well as being wonderful for relaxation.


What is Sound Therapy for?

Sound Therapy is an effective tool to help you with:

  • physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain
  • stress, tension or anxiety
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • phobias and fears
  • anger, resentment or guilt
  • self-limiting behaviour and bad habits
  • identity issues
  • spiritual disconnection
  • feeling stagnated in life
  • and much more



Sound Therapy has made such a difference to my life. It has helped me deal with chronic illness, given me back my mobility, helped me over a very severe case or arachnaphobia (you know it's bad when you can't touch your baby until someone else has bathed him after a money spider crawled on him!) and it has allowed me to help people achieve their own goals for their health and wellbeing and life.


What people say


I've had one session so far of 4 that are scheduled. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I was completely amazed by the treatment Nicola gave and the resulting shift in my thinking. I had my first session on Wednesday 16th August, and since then every night I've had my sleep pattern start to re-arrange itself. As in - I've been falling asleep earlier than usual and sleeping deeper. I feel like I've had all that is no longer pertinent to me "shaken away". I can't wait for the next session and am eager to see what happens next! :D Thank you Nicola. Amazing... Amazing...
Zoe Godfrey


I was treated for different things during each of my four treatments and received a bowl treatment for one of those which was a new practice for me. I loved the bizarre and varying reactions I had to treatments especially the sensation of all the worry etc being sucked out the top of my head during the gong treatment. Also a sense of peace and luminosity for my womb.

Tamsin Bramwell


Nicola is a natural sound therapist; her use of the instruments is both skilful and intuitive. She has a very calm and grounding energy which makes for both an enjoyable and very therapeutic experience. Thank you!
Jenni Bickerdyke


I was delighted to discover a practising Sound Therapist in Nottingham. I booked with Nicola a chakra balance appointment which helped me have a better night’s sleep and feel more centred.
Today I went back with a friend for a gong bath which was a truly unique experience, the vibrations of the gong were very grounding and all-encompassing. Nicola immediately puts you at ease and makes you comfortable before starting the session, Thank you Nicola !
Elizabeth Clark


Lovely relaxing atmosphere. Nicola was very warm, understanding and encouraging and completely none judgemental. The gong section of my treatment was phenomenal. I loved the treatments I had and can see how they have benefited me, even 4 weeks later.
Gaye Tomlinson


Regardless of what the presenting issue is, I would whole-heartedly recommend that people try Sound Therapy. The experience is unique, yet somehow very familiar and is able to assist in cracking tough issues without long and protracted (and potentially difficult) conversations. It is easy; you don’t have to “do” anything … and very relaxing to boot.
Trefor Walters


I wasn’t sure if I would benefit from Sound Therapy but I loved every second and recommend it to friends and family.
Leah Gibson


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