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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Lynne Said

Hello, I am a fully qualified NLP Master Practitioner and a Professional Member of the ANLP (The Global Association for NLP). 

NLP is extremely versatile and effective in every area of life and has helped me to turn my life around.  My passion is driven from my own experience of living with chronic anxiety, PTSD and severe anxiety for over 10 years culminating in a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. 

I know life doesn’t have to be spent worrying, laying awake at nights, jumping awake after another vivid nightmare, avoiding everyone and/or social occasions preferring to be isolated. Once I decided to take those first steps and reach out for help, change was far easier than I ever thought possible.

Now I focus on helping others to overcome a life such as this and give them the tools to go out and get the life that they want and deserve to be living. 

Change is Possible, it’s up to us to take the first step!

I am happy to speak to people about how life can change to be so much better, so please feel free to get in touch.


Areas of focus:


Stress / Chronic Stress


Fear / Worry


Chronic Pain.

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