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Lydia Pearn

Holistic Healing Arts provides a combination of holistic treatments to help with a range of physical ailments, as well as mental and emotional problems. Lydia brings together a wealth of experience to provide a truly holistic service to help others on their healing journey.

Lydia is a BA(Hons) and Post-Graduate degree in Art, a Licentiate in Homeopathy and is a Reiki Master and Advanced Crystal Healer. Lydia is registered with the Society of Homeopaths and the Complementary Medical Association, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you will be receiving the highest professional standards and care.


Holistic healthcare has transformed my life and I hope I can help others along a remarkable journey to health and vitality too.


What people say


"I sought help from Lydia after enduring 20 plus years of severe anxiety and low mood. With prescription medication proving to have little or no effect, resulting in self-medicating behaviours, I felt hopeless, tired, and at the end of my tether.
Lydia put me at ease straight away. Whilst the initial consultation was very in depth, I was made to feel calm and relaxed and not blaming myself, which had previously been the case.
I was reassured throughout the whole process and Lydia explained anything I did not understand, putting any previous anxieties I may have felt at ease.
I was very skeptical to begin with, but the proof speaks for itself.
I am medication free, and have since gone on to do voluntary work, whereas I previously found it difficult to even leave the house and would isolate myself for weeks on end. The physical pain I was experiencing has all but gone, and I am sleeping and eating well. My diet and lifestyle has had a complete and major overhaul and I feel like I am not only alive but living!
I would have no hesitation in recommending Just Homeopathy. Highly professional, understanding, and you are treated as an individual and a human being, not just 'another patient'. I cannot thank Lydia enough."
Mrs Charlotte C


Homeopathy has changed my life. I have been suffering from post-natal depression for about sixteen years was on anti depressants which caused me to have multiple problems like nerve pain heart burn then suffered from sciatica and severe insomnia. Lydia pearn a friend and specialist in homeopathy introduced me to homeopathic medicine which has cured all my problems. I don’t know how to thank her I’m impressed and I definitely recommend homeopathy.


Highly recommend Lydia Homeopathic treatments. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field especially relating to issues affecting women. After two months treatment I finally feel like my self again. I’m so grateful to have found Lydia through recommendations from friends.



I found Lydia at a very very rough time in my life with very bad health. Since the very first time we met Lydia has been the most kind, generous, patient person I've ever encountered. I'm now on the road to recovery, Lydia always goes the extra mile to help, such a lovely person. Lydia's Homeopathic knowledge is phenomenal, I would highly recommend Lydia to absolutely anyone and everyone. Thank you Lydia.


"I went to see Lydia because I've always had really bad period cramps with my periods and didn't want to carry on taking painkillers all the time. I saw improvement the first month and now my periods are more stable. I can't thank Lydia enough and would recommend her to help with period problems."
Maya Matthews


I went to Lydia to seek help about my constant tiredness and fatigue. Her advice and medication really made a difference to my daily life. I felt much better at work and had a lot more energy. I had previously sought help from the GP and took various kinds of vitamins /multivitamins but of little effect compared to her homeopathic medication.



I visited Lydia in January for help with various issues. 2 months later, I’m feeling so much better and I have no doubt that it is down to Lydia. Thank you for your help Lydia :)



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